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  1. Why am I even expected to answer this.. Please answer!! I paid money for a product that doesn't basically work as advertised yet has no disclaimer regarding using an Nvidia product... Email sent Refund now expected... As for the Rex argument.. I dont have a single problem with Rex!!! (Should have I admitted that or will Aerosoft tell me Rex is incompatible with all there products next) I apologise in advance for the tone of this response but my unbelief at the way Aerosoft are handling this and Shauns attempt to shift the blame leave me staggering with utter disbelief... PS Isiah .. I did not ignore your post, so I suggest you stop trying to make yourself important in this issue and basically blurring the issue.. At the end of the day my conversation is simply not aimed at you its with the people who took my money. I have purchased over 20 Aerosoft products in the past few years all of which I have been happy with not only in there performance but in there support.. I accept here the dev is trying to resolve the issue but the tone of Shauns responses as a representative of Aerosft is becoming nothing short of insulting to a childs intelligence to say the least and I expect this to change at the very least...
  2. There are not two sides two an argument when you sell a product that does not have a disclaimer on it... I am getting tired of this same argument.. I have no issue with the dev trying his best to fix it but I have a serious issue with this lame "Its all Nvidias fault" excuse thats being thrown about.. If this was known from day one I fail to understand why the product came out of beta and was released without either being fixed (which other developers seem to manage ) or a disclaimer being attached in the first place..
  3. Heres an answer.. I dont care.. Your the developer, Im the paying customer .. Work it out and fix it before taking money, or in future put a disclaimer on your products saying "DOES NOT WORK WITH NVIDIA CARDS PROPERLY BECAUSE WE DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT"
  4. I agree as well.. I wont be buying any more aerosoft products.. The excuse that its Nvidias fault is to be kind "utterly feeble". If your in the position again where you can't make a product that runs properly on nvidia cards then heres an idea , dont release it until you can.. Oddly every other developer seems to manage this and I would say its quite a major thing to get right before you take a product out of beta and sell it.. Latest version of nhancer (which updates itself anyway) makes no diference.. Why on earth should it anyway , the latest two versions of nhancer have only been updates fo minor bug fixes within the program itself anyway.. What on earth have fps on a tv image that you watch and dont input too have to do with the fps for a game.. (absolutely nothing, a tv image is a prerendered image which cant be effected by bottlenecks or sudden demands, 25fps is useless; if something causes a demand such as AI or a scenery loading it will drop to below 10fps) However the most important thing in FSX is frame rate stability and whats highly noticeable is flying from a 40-50fps region with no probs whatsoever and suddenly hitting a 20fps airport such as Nice.. One expects a drop when you hit major airports but somethings wrong when I get less drop at Kai Tak or Orlando or several other larger and in some cases more detailed airports with more traffic.. I even have to turn shadows off in Nice to get the AI so I would expect a rise not a drop..
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head in your previous post.. The policy at the moment seems to be to release stuff as if the end of the world is around the corner.. Speed seems to be the essence, rather than quality.
  6. What a ludicrous and childish argument.. Its the job of the developer and publisher to release a working product on both systems.. I dont see it mentioned in the sales blurb this only works on ATI so why on earth should I expect anything but a working product.. If as seems to be being indicated this was checked properly and the ATI/Nvidia issue was found to be the cause it should have been sent back to the developer to sort out before ever seeing a final release..
  7. Im now convinced I have the shimmering even though I didn't have it before...
  8. Hardly a correct an analogy Shaun when one considers that there are a substantial high percentage of add on scenerys that do work... Using analogys like this is a cheep trick. Lets face it Aerosoft is hardly blameless when it comes to misleading advertising.. Having just returned from a conference in Madeira I was tempted to buy the FSX version of this but I now know the quote below from the selling page is only true in the letter of the description rather than the spirit.. to quote "Approaching runway 05 you follow a set of 'lead-in' landing lights over a curved path that allow you land on the runway without crashing into the mountains. Under bad weather not an easy task." I would expect those to be flashing guiding lights like the prototype, but I was tipped off before buying that this is not the case and they cant even be seen during the day or picked out at night from the scenery! Whats this got to do with AI.. Because when I look at the forum I keep seeing the same answers.. It seems Fly Tampa and other developers are willing to give us protoypical lead in lights at Kai Tak but the Aerosoft developer can't work out how to do it at Madeira (did they try asking).. And here we have other developers who have managed to solve the shadow issue but Aerosoft hasn't.. With the latest flicker mipmaps mess its starting to look like a case of rush products out without refining them and then blame the buyer for not having the correct addons or system..
  9. Typically 22R has not been in use since I downloaded the patch and I didnt really have a shimmering problem before (though now Im not sure if I have gained one).. Will have to try again today .. Thought I would show off the J41 at Nice though
  10. Excellent will try now and hope to stop the 22R problem
  11. Just that shots one and two looked a little blurry, ... Perhaps its just the compression
  12. Does the Mip Bias solution in FSX config help at all with the Mips being soft
  13. Are those finished screnshots or are the settings turned down? EDIT just noticed you said BETA..
  14. Theres a way of changing the FS9 style of routing for WOAI to FSX style, would this solve the problem or is it just the models (thing is some of the WOAI models are far superior to the Payware versions so Im hardly going to change it and I have to agree, how come others UK2000 ,Cloud 9. Fly Tampa. etc etc can solve or get round this issue)..
  15. Yep Manchester should be a Christmas release and the one airport I have ben waiting for since FSX was released.. but that will probably be the last of the major extreme airports from UK2000 for a while.. I think Gary is going back to updateing the current releases and tweaking the VFR packages.. Heres hoping Fly Tampa get a good success with that release and they can become a major force again, too many half hearted, generic releases recently from certain other developers..
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