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  1. Having read the whole thread, I want to add a few things about the scenery... I am running FSX Accleration with FTX Global + Vector, Aerosoft MA EDDF v2 and Aerosoft MA EGLL Xtended. I have never experienced OOM since I got used to enter the STAR into FMC 5-10 mins before descent to avoid memory leak caused by "haeding-to-radial-intercept" missed approach. So strange was that the OOM came back after I installed EDDF v2 in the flight from LOWW to EGLL (yea...EDDF was not DEST nor ORIGIN) . What I saw was that the used VAS was increasing continuously and gently along the journey in the cruising stage, similiar to the phenomenon of memory leak. I didn't suspect that this scenery was directly or indirectly causing memory issue until I found this post. Then I tried to uninstall this scenery to see whether the memory still leaked when cruising. Surprisingly the VAS was very stable and not leaking as a result! I understand that OOM can be caused by many possible factors. However, it is possible that FTX Global/Vector is partially incompatible with the scenery causing certain extent of memory leak, at least in FSX. I am not saying Aerosoft should take full responsibility, but I think the developers should focus not only on the comparision between the default EDDF and the Aerosoft's one, but also the possibility that certain kind of problems can be triggered when the users got other mainstream addons installed. Again, I must emphasise that I have never experienced OOM before and I am familiar with the use-end settings relevant to memory usage.
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