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  1. Oh! You mean Matthew. He is married to a Japanese girl and moved there .
  2. Thanks for the update and especially for Nassau
  3. Might also be, another 3rd party application causing this. Usually FSPassengers and/or Active Camera (sometimes Walk and Follow) can cause strange behaviour on other add-ons. Cheers, Arslan
  4. I haven't tried it with an AES enabled airport but if you use the recorder module (can be found here http://www.fs-recorder.net/) it is possible to record AI movements (you can even play the recorded session as AI).
  5. Hi, I would like to bring your attention to upcoming LTBJ 2008. As they are still working on it I think AES entegration could be easier for you. The scenery will be both for FS2004 and for FSX. Here is the link for the page http://www.sanalpilot.com/forum/topic.asp?...amp;whichpage=2 Although it is a Turkish forum, you can always contact Mr. Fatih Koz (user fatih.koz) in English Cheers, Arslan
  6. Hi If possible, I'd love to see my main HUB with AES support. MKJP - NORMAN MANLEY INTL' FSB - FLY TO CARIBE: #10 TropicalSim-2 http://secure.simmarket.com/product_info.p...roducts_id=1312 Cheers, Arslan
  7. I second that. And if you need any help contacting with authors (Mr. Murat Koncavar - AKA Biber- and Mr. Vedat Sencan) just drop me a line . Cheers, Arslan
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