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  1. Ah well, then all these years my Windows 10 reported the documents folder correctly, made an exception for the latest Airbus 330 (and FSUIPC6) by directing to a folder that I never used and then returned back to the correct folder ......
  2. My "user folder" has been shifted by me since the first day of my Windows 10 installation to E:\Juergen. However, I have noticed that the last A300 installed several files including the ASUpdater into my C:\users\Jürgen\Documents folder just ignoring my specific change. (Yes, I checked, my registry clearly shows E:\Juergen and not that what the Airbus installer used). By the way, the last FSUIPC6 installation a few days ago did the same 😞 I also remember that GSX2 for example had problems with the Umlaut ü in my (folder)name which has caused a lot of problems until they corrected their code.
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