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  1. Hello, I have had the CRJ 700/900X and CRJ 700/900 A318/9/20/21/330 Professional installed for a long time I've updated them when updates were available I have been trying to update to the version but the download in my account was the so I tried the Aerosoft Updater and it would not update my models just showed there was an update, so I uninstalled all of my Abus's the CRJ Pro but not the CRJ Original 700/900x and then proceeded to downloaded a fresh copy for all of them and reinstalled all of them but the CRJ Pro has both engines with sound on but the same issue as depicted in the post: Startup issue by Ted Spulick Posted December 1, 2019 (SEE ATTACHMENT). All of the other aircraft installed fine and work as they should and the original CRJ 700/900X is functioning as well. Please Advise Thank You
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