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  1. LuisCake

    Berlin Tegel X 4.2

    Oh sorry. I thought that this was not in 4.1. sorry
  2. LuisCake

    Berlin Tegel X 4.2

    I think the Taxiway textures are glitching in the snow textures... also the trees are on the false Position...
  3. LuisCake

    Berlin Tegel X 4.2

    Client update...
  4. After Update to P3d V4.2 i i have some texture Problems in Berlin...
  5. Can you say what to do to install this script?
  6. LuisCake

    New wing,Beacon Light

    is there any downloadlink?
  7. LuisCake

    New wing,Beacon Light

    Where can i download the light effect?
  8. Download this!
  9. Can you put the Wingflex-Feature back in to the A318-A321 SP4. Is that possible or not?
    Super Nice! It works fine and look great