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  1. I was on final into Gatwick, flaps full, gear down when I accidentally hit the Slew key whilst writing some text on my other screen. By the time I realised I had the aircraft half turned around and 500 feet higher than I should have been on the glideslope. I took it out of slew and it turned itself back onto the correct path and carried on to land as if nothing had happened!
  2. Hi Dan, no, I use a Warthog. I have had this happen once before, whilst on approach to EIDW. That was just after I had installed for the first time, so I don't think it has anything to do with the latest update. It also happens in an orderly fashion i.e. engine 1 shuts down and then about 30 seconds later all power is lost.
  3. I figured it out, I went into AOC put the flight in and vola! up it came, thanks for your patience guys.
  4. Hi, I just cannot get Co-Route to work, I have tried with both Navigraph and the supplied Aerosoft AIRAC, it now allows me to manually enter the flight plan but still co-route says "not in database" I have used SimBrief and the Captain Pero editor. I must be doing something wrong.
  5. Hi Emanuel, to be honest I didn't notice, I'll check the video. Will let you know (I'm to old to be embarrassed....)
  6. I really can't believe just how good this is on frames, for a minute I thought I was in the Aerofly Airbus...! And I have everything ramped up pretty high with loads of add on's.
  7. Hi all, was on final approach into EGPH when everything (and I mean everything) switched off! Engines, Electrics, all the panels went black and I found myself in some farmers field.. about two miles from the threshold. I was using the Checklist and co-pilot. I am just about to start another flight, will keep you posted. P.S. Still can't get COROUTE to work, tried both Navi and Aerosoft AIRAC, no luck with either, I could, however, put the flight plan in manually. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. PPS The Aircraft is amazing by the way..
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