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  1. Thanks for replays!!!. Problem solved: What I did?: First: download and install latest AS_EDDK SODE JETWAYS v.1.08 Second: FSDT Live update Now I'm ready to go!!! Thanks again !!!
  2. Hey friends of Aerosoft forums, recently updated version of EDDK to, but I have an issue. Everytime I positioned on stand with visually available jetways, when I run GSX services, I can see the message NO JETWAYS HERE. I have followed all instalations instructions about enabling SODE jetways, but anyway, I donĀ“t have jetways moving via GSX services. The only way of become available motion jetways is pressing keys SHIFT+D and there I have the SODE menu options and I can operate the jetway, but if you call stairs services, you can see two stairs servicing aft and fwd passenger door combined with jetway. As you can see this is unreal. (jetway and stair together servicing fwd pass door) What that might be my problem?, please help. I have installed P3Dv4.5 running on windows 10. Thanks in advance!!! (sorry for my english!!)
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