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  1. Hey friends of Aerosoft forums. I just purchased Aerosoft Mega Airport Rome, almost everything is right except for the jetways. Almost all 400´s hundreds and 500's hundreds parking positions with jetways visually on screen are unable. If I parked wether Aerosoft A319, A320 PMDG 737 when call GSX services, a message on the screen pop up "this parking is too small for your aircraft . Ground services are not available", clearly this positions are no small !!!. And if you go on airport positions on option "select airport " you can see all these positions mentioned above as RAMP GA MEDIUM or RAMP GA SMALL or RAMP GA LARGE" is this normal? what can I do in order to be able to operate the jetways 400´s hundreds and 500's hundreds.? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks so much srcooke, I did as you recommend, everything works fine!!!!
  3. Hello friends of Aerosoft forums, I have a simple question (I think!), I just downloaded the most recent version of PFPX 2.03 but I'n not sure the procedure to update from my old 1.28 version. How to update correctly? Unistall previous version or just installed the new one? Thanks in advance!!
  4. ok, Thanks Oliver, so I'm going to download the "as_mega-airport-berlin-brandenburg-prof orbx-patch.zip" because I have installed FTX Europe landclass, global base, global vector. Thanks !!
  5. I have a question, I just purchased Mega Airport Berlin Professional and my download section link appears two download links: 1- as mega-airport-berlin-brandenburg-prof P3DV4.zip and... the other one is: 2- as_mega-airport-berlin-brandenburg-prof orbx-patch.zip Do I need to download and install both of them?
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