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  1. Hi here pictures from Estonian Air Force
  2. Hi I've even switched on Pitot Heat and Carb Heater but not Carb heater level to "Open". Now i did it and indeed - everything is fine with AS cold and raining weather. Thank you for help and sorry!
  3. Hi at the same time and in the same place and same route plane flies well when weather is set to "Clear" and AS not connected.
  4. Hi outside 0¤C- -2¤C and raining - it's gonna be icing conditions. Do I have to do something special to fly with icing conditions?
  5. Hi I like the plane but very difficult to use because there are many bugs 1) engine shuts off when outside are cool and raining weather (i use AS16 live weather - raining and some -2¤C) 2) some instruments shuts off when outside are cool and raining weather (flaps reading indicator,communicator and so on, so on, although the switches still remain in "ON") 3) airspeed indicator very often does not work Before these errors appear it's all temperature readings in panel OK and here it doesn`t help settings cowl g´flaps and carburator heating. Usually the aircraft can fly normally in warm weather conditions but this plane should be to fly very tough weather conditions as the Russians used them in the polar regions (-40¤C). but now you can`t use this plane in european soft winter. If these errors appear, then nothing else will help, when you need to load in simulator some default airplane (Maule) and then again An2. 4) when load saved flights situation with AN2, then loads the plane with errors, you need again overload with default airplane.
  6. Hi Sorry, it's my own fault! ATC stayed silent after sending squawk code. And I have to put it manually and everything works ! regards!
  7. HI I have in P3D4 dozens payware and some freeware planes and that has not happened to me that ATC " frozen". But now when using CRJ ATC freezes always ( about 1 - 2 minutes after that when you contact with ATC). So far i flight with CRJ to Estonia, Sweden and Norway. Thanks for help! ( "Force" a restart of the ATC system ) regards
  8. Hi' please help, when i contact with default P3D4 ATC, then after a while my ATC no longer active and I have no choice do something. It happens always only with CRJ. Do I have nothing to do somewhere in CRJ configuration? Please indicate specifically where and what must do that the ATC would work like with others airplanes. I can not find myself (maybe my poor english) reason. regards
  9. Hi, i`m too want LOT Nordica (Estonia) repaint! Please!
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