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  1. I was quite clear from the start of this thread that development had ceased but in at least two posts in this thread by the developer we were led to believe that a bug fix was being worked on. Since then something has obviously changed and the unforgivable part from my point of view is that we were never told that it wasn't going to see the light of day and attempts to get an update were apparently ignored. Subject closed as far as I'm concerned, I've moved on to other providers. Andy L
  2. Still no reply. Not good enough I'm afraid, very poor customer support from a company I used to trust which now seems to have sunk to the level of some other get rich quick outfits. I've bought my last Aerosoft product and when the Honeycomb devices are available again some other vendor will be getting my £500 worth of business. Andy L
  3. May I ask for an statement on the progress on the final update for the 32-bit version that on 1 July last year was hoped to be available in about two weeks from that date? Andy L
  4. It would also be polite for them to explain when the final SP for the 32-bit version can now be expected. On 1 July last year Hans hoped it would be in about two weeks! Andy L
  5. Another two months and no news, not even a reply to my previous post. I used to trust Aerosoft to deliver on what they led their customers to believe. Very disappointed that that trust is now being eroded. Andy L
  6. How easy is it to set up the TCA Quadrant with the non-pro FSX A318-A321 series? I assume there will be no in built TCA option as shown in the Thrustmaster TCA Controls document linked to on the first page of this thread? Andy L
  7. Nearly 3 months have passed since it was hoped to have this patch out in about 2 weeks. My concern is that now the CRJ is being developed for MSFS the original 32 bit version has been abandoned. I understand that a commercial business needs to follow the money but not to deliver what's been promised does little for customer confidence. Andy L
  8. The question is about the version for FSX which works just fine in Windows 7 as well. Andy L
  9. Thanks Hans that's good to hear, I'll keep a look out for it. Andy L
  10. Hans, Now that the SP for the pro version is out can we expect the SP for the non-Pro (32-bit) version soon? Andy L
  11. Thanks Heinz, all clear now! Andy L
  12. Thanks from me as well, very generous. One question though, the gift includes "AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER.zip" which contains SAM but it's not possible to activate it as no serial code is provided. Is this an oversight or are we expected to buy a copy of SAM if we want to use it? Andy L
  13. No reply to my question above after two weeks. Questions are normally answered quickly so has it been overlooked? Andy L
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