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  1. That means that the altimeter will only be accurate to around +/- 26 feet. Is that correct? Andy L
  2. AndyUK

    Pressurization still

    Through the Aerosoft Updater. Click on "Configuration" bottom right, select "Show available experimental updates for my products", shut down the Updater and restart it. You should then be offered v1.2.2.1. Andy L
  3. Have you tried running it as Administrator - right click and select Run as administrator? Andy L
  4. Please ignore my post above. I've just seen a post in another thread to the effect that it's an experimental update. With that option selected in the updater I am offered to update to v1.2.2.1 Andy L
  5. I don't see any announcement of this update in the usual place on this forum and the updater shows that I've got v1.2.2.0 installed in FSX:SE and that there are no updates available. What's going on? Andy L
  6. The problem with updating the FSX:SE version was that the correct .xml file was missing - Han's post referred to above supplied it. It sounds like Anthony hasn't got the "ASUpdater.exe" file, and possibly anything else either, in the "My Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater" folder. Andy L
  7. I've had similar, except it was rather more than you seem to have experienced - the engines were running when the save was made but not when it was loaded. However the remedy was to load the saved flight again without doing anything else in between, that got the CRJ back to the state it was in when the save was made. This seems similar to the issue I've reported in another thread where I have to select an aircraft state twice in DAVE for it to take effect. I'm running FSX:SE with the latest version (1.2.2) of the CRJ - like you I'd take some convincing I could use P3D without breaking the conditions of the EULA. Andy L
  8. Note that the latest version of the CRJ on sale is v1.2.0 and used on P3D requires P3D v4.3: Andy L
  9. Thanks Hans. It is in the documentation - it just depends on how you search for it! Andy L
  10. I've read through the documentation and I can't find a way of stepping through the fight plan with the MFD set to Plan in order to check the plan entered is correct as you can with the Airbus for example. You can zoom out to see all of the route if its short enough but then way points that are close together merge into a mass. If there's no facility to step through in the real thing how do pilots check the route? Andy L
  11. I've tried to replicate these issues in FSX:SE with v1.2.2 of the CRJ and found the following: 1. Loading the Cold & Dark state either via DAVE or the FMC sets the throttles in cut-off and both IRS selectors to OFF - I believe Hans got the same result. 2, The External Power AVAIL light seems to only show if there's already an AC source feeding the aircraft. For example if you load a state with the APU supplying power and connect the Ground Power via DAVE the AVAIL light illuminates. However as the OP reported connecting the Ground Power in Cold & Dark the AVAIL light doesn't illuminate. I don't know enough about the real CRJ to know if that's correct. Further to the issue where I need to select the aircraft state twice using DAVE to get it to activate it seems to depend on what the state is that I'm trying to change. To change some states only need one click, other two. A very minor inconvenience but it might catch some users out if it happens to them. Andy L
  12. Thanks for the quick response Hans - that new file fixed it. Andy L
  13. I've just run the updater to get the latest update (v1.2.2) but the updater screen still doesn't show the CRJ as an installed product so I'm stuck. I've got CRJ SP1 installed in FSX:SE with Win 7 64-bit. Can I get the update another way? Andy L
  14. I get that as well but if I click on the same selection a second time the appropriate state loads straight away as previously mentioned: I'll check the other issues later and report back. I'm using FSX:SE with Win 7-64bit. Andy L
  15. I'm on FSX:SE so I've got the first one (attached) Andy L crj700900x_fsx.xml
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