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  1. It would also be polite for them to explain when the final SP for the 32-bit version can now be expected. On 1 July last year Hans hoped it would be in about two weeks! Andy L
  2. Another two months and no news, not even a reply to my previous post. I used to trust Aerosoft to deliver on what they led their customers to believe. Very disappointed that that trust is now being eroded. Andy L
  3. How easy is it to set up the TCA Quadrant with the non-pro FSX A318-A321 series? I assume there will be no in built TCA option as shown in the Thrustmaster TCA Controls document linked to on the first page of this thread? Andy L
  4. Nearly 3 months have passed since it was hoped to have this patch out in about 2 weeks. My concern is that now the CRJ is being developed for MSFS the original 32 bit version has been abandoned. I understand that a commercial business needs to follow the money but not to deliver what's been promised does little for customer confidence. Andy L
  5. The question is about the version for FSX which works just fine in Windows 7 as well. Andy L
  6. Thanks Hans that's good to hear, I'll keep a look out for it. Andy L
  7. Hans, Now that the SP for the pro version is out can we expect the SP for the non-Pro (32-bit) version soon? Andy L
  8. Thanks Heinz, all clear now! Andy L
  9. Thanks from me as well, very generous. One question though, the gift includes "AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER.zip" which contains SAM but it's not possible to activate it as no serial code is provided. Is this an oversight or are we expected to buy a copy of SAM if we want to use it? Andy L
  10. No reply to my question above after two weeks. Questions are normally answered quickly so has it been overlooked? Andy L
  11. Any idea when the update for the 32-bit version mentioned above might be available please? Andy L
  12. No problem here in FSX with version of the CRJ. Screenshot taken at EGHI with Nav 1 tuned to the SAM VOR. Andy L
  13. 12 months later and still waiting - project still alive? Andy L
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