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  1. The question is about the version for FSX which works just fine in Windows 7 as well. Andy L
  2. Thanks Hans that's good to hear, I'll keep a look out for it. Andy L
  3. Hans, Now that the SP for the pro version is out can we expect the SP for the non-Pro (32-bit) version soon? Andy L
  4. Thanks Heinz, all clear now! Andy L
  5. Thanks from me as well, very generous. One question though, the gift includes "AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER.zip" which contains SAM but it's not possible to activate it as no serial code is provided. Is this an oversight or are we expected to buy a copy of SAM if we want to use it? Andy L
  6. No reply to my question above after two weeks. Questions are normally answered quickly so has it been overlooked? Andy L
  7. Any idea when the update for the 32-bit version mentioned above might be available please? Andy L
  8. No problem here in FSX with version of the CRJ. Screenshot taken at EGHI with Nav 1 tuned to the SAM VOR. Andy L
  9. 12 months later and still waiting - project still alive? Andy L
  10. That means that the altimeter will only be accurate to around +/- 26 feet. Is that correct? Andy L
  11. Only if you qualify for the academic license and many people do not. For those it's about three times that price and that's one reason why I've not changed from FSX:SE. Andy L
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