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  1. Thnak you very much, very appreciated I'm quite new with FSX or FS9 for that matters, and so far I own Megascenery Phoenix and Megascenery Hawaii, and I can see any default tree and building your rig is able to generate. Megascenery doesn't clear off any building, you keep them just like as a default scenery. I really like Megascenery package, my only tiny complaint is that the transiction from Megascenery to Default's should be done with a little blood loss. Cheers Manta
  2. Have you tried pressing Shift+F10? Your kneeboard should clear out and in its stead should appear the dialogue box.
  3. After a few uninstall and reinstalling, everything back the way it should be.
  4. That's easy , they come from the mission that can be downloaded here http://aerosoft-shop2.com/support.php?language=en
  5. Hello, I have upgraded Katana X with the dedicated SP2 patch, but I'm still having a grey frame around the VC... can you help me please? Thanks Manta
  6. Yes, a few times and nothing gained Yes, I suppose this is best thing to do. Thanks for your reply. Cheers Manta
  7. A tiny contribute to the Beaver X & Helgoland X from myself VIDEO You produce and sell a too many high quality products.... I can't follow up them all.... damn
  8. Hello, today I have downloaded the demo version, but during the trial time I can only see a part of Florence. I can't see the runway and most of the buildings on the other side of Arno river. I don't have Acc pack... well I have it but I have uninstalled it a week ago. I tried manually to add the area through SETTINGS/SCENERY LIBRARY/ADD AREA/ scenery or texture for that matters, but nothing changed. Cheers P.S.: inside Aerosoft folder files are all there.
  9. there is a flag to check if you want to see saved missions.
  10. Lol quite nice! Tonight I have begun with the first tutorial mission with Flight Tales I. The designer's notes states that there maybe issues related to ships behaving funny due to AI traffic ships. Just as well, while doing a recon over the carrier I saw this ship revolving around itself :-) .... next time i'm going to slide down ships traffic bar to zero, as suggested by the designer and let's see what happens... I hope that solves this issue, because I'm quite ######ed with Microsoft Acceleration "Scam" which has wronged most of missions.
  11. Yes please, keep up with your good work!
  12. It happens to me all the time
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