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  1. Thanks for the London Eye fix! Robert
  2. When I first saw this problem I checked my ini order and it is correct, just as shown in the manual and as you recommend. If I disable X-Europe, I get the Eye back. I don't think I'm alone here. At the bottom of page 2 of this thread, someone seems to have the same problem: habe mir soeben London angeschaut ........ BITTE das London Eye wieder "freigeben" - da steht ein schmales Hochhaus ... And PilotBalu responded as follows, but I don't understand what he's saying: BITTE eine exclusion für alle Objekte in den "X-Plane Landmarks - London" setzen, dann passt das wieder. Im Ordner hat LR die Datei für WED reingepackt, sollte also kein großes Problem sein. Optisch sind diese Objekte ein Augenschmaus, doch LR hat hier versäumt ihre eigenen Vorgaben einzuhalten. I'm relying on Google Translate, so maybe that's why I don't understand PilotBalu's response.
  3. How do I restore the London Eye from X-Plane Landmarks-London? With X-Europe 2 installed, this landmark becomes a solid, rectangular, black monolith. The previous entries in this thread about this problem are not detailed enough for me to understand what I need to do. Thanks, Robert
  4. Shaun and Sasha, thanks for the conflict diagnosis and the exclude file. It took awhile and lots of trial and error, but I finally determined that the scenery causing the conflict was the OZx Liguria photoreal scenery. Deactivate this scenery and the floating buildings disappear. Thanks again, Robert
  5. I have 4 grayish objects, 2 of which appear to be buildings, floating over Meigs Field in my ChicagoX installation. Any idea what is causing this and how I might remedy it?. Thanks, Robert
  6. I’m having real problems with the Hughes’s elevator and elevator trim settings. I’m not sure if the problem is with my flying skills, my yoke and throttle setup, or whether this is just typical of the plane. In short, I just can’t seem to trim the plane for a steady climb, steady descent, or level flight. I’m also finding the elevator to be very hard to manage, which, when combined with the trim problems, makes the plane very, very hard to control. I’ve not encountered this with any other plane. The only way I can comfortably fly the plane is with the autopilot, and I doubt this is what was intended - and it’s no fun to boot. When I try and manually fly the plane, I’m finding it very difficult to avoid wide fluctuations on the VSI unless I rigidly control the yoke 100% of the time. I know not to follow this gauge too closely. But I’ve never seen fluctuations this extreme. For example, it can go from a 2000 fpm climb to a 2000 fps descent almost instantly - and I’m not aware of having made any control or power inputs that would have led to this descent. I’ve tried fiddling with the fsuipc slope adjustments for the elevator and the elevator trim - something I’ve never had to bother doing with any other plane - but I can’t seem to come up with any combination of settings that make any difference. I also activated the “filter” option in fsuipc for the elevator and elevator trim axes, but this didn’t help either. (I was hopeful this would help because it smoothed out problems I was having with the prop axis on the Hughes.) At this point, I’m at a loss of what to do. Has anyone encountered similar problems? Or does anyone have any ideas for resolving them? Thanks, Robert
  7. Finn, I hope you had a good vacation, and I'm glad you're back because you diagnosed my problem. My saved startup file now works. It was either the fuel selector or the mixture position. When I set these after loading the saved flight, I'm able to get the pressure that I need to start. Interestingly, sometimes I reset these parameters, use the Wobble pump 9 times, and still get a 0.0 reading. But then all I need to do is reset the fuel selector and the move the mixture lever back and forth, and then the pressure registers properly without having to touch the Wobble pump again. Thanks for the help. Now, the only problem I've got remaining is with the trim, and I'll post about that separately and hope that you'll also have a quick solution for me. Thanks again. Robert
  8. Thanks for the input. A reinstall made no difference. But checking the "Filter" box within fsuipc for the Prop axis smoothed out the operation of the crank and it now works smoothly. I've not had to do this for any other plane, but if it works to resolve the problem, that's great. Still no solution to the Carb Heat key command, but that's not a big deal. Unfortunately, my Trim problems have returned (my fix was ephemeral) and I'll be making a separate post on this soon. Thanks again for the assistance. Robert
  9. I’m learning to fly the Hughes and am encountering some problems. [i've edited this post to delete the problems I'd encountered with the Trim and Carb Heat and which I resolved on my own.] First, the Prop RPM crank in the VC doesn’t respond to my joystick in a smooth, controllable fashion. The VC crank animation is very jerky and appears to have only 2 or 3 positions to which it jumps. This also applies when I try to manually drag the crank in the VC. However, when I use a key command to adjust the RPM, the VC crank moves smoothly. I don’t have this problem with any other plane. All the other VC animations appear to work properly. Second, I sometimes lose the clickability of the heading button and the descent/climb button in the autopilot. They are frozen and don't work in either of the 2 VC views. Sometimes, they unfreeze and I can adjust them. Otherwise, to unfreeze them, I have to disable the autopilot and then re-enable it. Are there any key commands for these functions that might work when the visual display is frozen? Third, the default H key command doesn't work for turning the Carb Heat on and off. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, Robert
  10. Finn, I created a startup file as you suggested. It worked just fine the time that I set it up and saved it. However, after that, launching the saved startup file had a serious defect that made it useless. Clicking on the Wobble lever would not increase the pressure; it remained at 0.0. Thus it appears that I have to setup a new startup file each time. I even tried saving one of these new startup files but it too had the same defect when relaunched - an inoperative Wobble lever. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? I've followed your instructions exactly, and they work fine, but just one time. Thanks, Robert
  11. Shaun, I understand that it's just Acceleration that you want me to uninstall and reinstall. But there's always a risk of messing up the entire installation when doing this, and I'm just not willing to run that risk for just one program that's not operating properly. Thanks, Robert
  12. Shaun, unfortunately, there's no way I'm going to mess with my setup to the extent you have requested. I have many aircraft and scenery addons and all work just fine - except for Venice X. I am not about to risk having to do a complete reinstall of all my addons - which would take several days - just to see if removing and reinstalling Acceleration might fix this problem with Venice X. As Mathjis may recall, I've had problems running Venice X even before I ever installed Acceleration. So I don't see much likelihood in removing and reinstalling Venice X being a solution. Thanks for your efforts to assist me. Robert
  13. No manual changes to the fsx.cfg file have been made. BTW, someone else also reported this problem, although he had texture problems that I thankfully do not have:
  14. Hi Shaun, My drivers are for XP and were released the day before yours - so I presume they are in sync with what you are presently using for Vista. So I don't think I'm behind the curve with my drivers, especially as there's nothing newer at the nVidia site. I had previously disabled Venice X in the Scenery Library - as I reported in my original post, and the problem went away once the scenery was disabled. I had not tried it with an FSX reboot in between, but just did so and the problem is again gone once the default scenery for Venice is active. So I conclude that the problem would appear to be tied to how my machines interacts with the VeniceX scenery. Please let me know if there's any other testing I can do for you. Thanks, Robert
  15. My nVidia drivers are the most current available - v.169.21.
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