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  1. Hallo! Seit dem (heutigem) Update, werden manche Sim-EInstzellungen in die prepar3d.cfg nicht mit übernommen. Aufgefallen ist es mir bei den Wetter-Einstellungen. Im Sim-Config-Manager habe ich die Cloud_density auf Maximum; im Simulater ist diese aber nur auf Medium gesetzt. Weiß jemand, was da los ist?
  2. With SP1 the bug is already there .... I can switch the Pump off , but nothing happens. Btw ... the second button is switching the same position (on/off) on this time, when clicking button 1; its not possible to switch each button itselfe).
  3. Can someone do the Croatia Livery (operatet by Air Nostrum) and a Tunisair Livery?
  4. TunisAir Express please COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead.
  5. Hi! Is it possible to paint the A319 in old Niki clours, like the follow? This livery is better then the new clour or the AirBerlin clour. Thx!!!!! OE-LEK = A319-100
  6. Version 1


    Version 1: Repaints for Turkey Ground Handling: Celebi Groundhandling: >Beltloader >Pushback >Stair >Waterservice >Cleaningbus >Passengerbus Catering Trucks: Turkish Do&Co All textures for day and night; tested with FSX!
  7. Version V 3.0


    AES repaints for Innsbruck Airport > small stairway > large stairway > catering (1,2 and 3) > waterservice > cleaning van > beltloader > passenger-bus small and large > De-Icer > Follow-Me Car > Pushback Trucks (but not the big one) Testet with FSX. Alle textures for day and night!
  8. After testing the new two files I can say, that the frames are a little bit better (15-18fps). I'm waiting for the update. Thanks! ;-) FG, Mark
  9. Hi Emilios! Thanks! I testet it directly on the airport. The problems with the ground-texture at rw 17 is solved and i think the frames are a little bit more. (FPS changed already to unlimited) Tomorrow i will test it (frames) with an flight from mideurope to LGKR. After this I will report it to you/here. Regards, Mark
  10. I've only the own traffic (models and flightplans from alpha-india, ai-aardvark, ...) It makes no difference with traffic on or off.
  11. So - I testet it! Now i found following problem: When I start FSX an go first to Corfu Airport, the frames are normally for my system (about 20-25fps). But when i'm flying from mideurope to Corfu, the frames in the approach and at landing and taxing are very bad (about 10 fps). I have no other greece scenerys (mesh, etc.) installed - only Aerosoft LGKO and LiveinFSX LGRP; no UT-Europe, etc.! The second is, that something is wrong at the Runway 17: Take a look: First is after Holding Point RW17, second is before/at HP RW17 ...
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