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  1. Forgot something .... The rotation is possible at about V2 + 10. At this speed the CRJ raises the nose - little bit later I had a positive rate of climb.
  2. I tried also the tip with the extra spoiler axis - dos'nt helped me. Here aere some screens (yesterday, same flight - all was okay and fine ...) The "brake ovht" message appeard after some test takeoff's (I tried three TO - always the same problem)
  3. Have the same problem since the new update. Never before. The slider (CG Position) is far right; Trim and any others is set correctly.
  4. Sorry, but this also doesn't help. I also have no GranCanria in the AS_Updater; only Hamburg is fine. The files in AS_Updater/products are missing. Can I add the file manual by hand?
  5. Its the v5 version. In the updater there is no xml file under products. I think thats the problem. Installpath is original.
  6. Hi! Oliver has published an fix; that fix we will get via the AS-Updater. But in the updater the BER-scenery doesn't appear. Can anybody help? Thanks
  7. Hallo! Seit dem (heutigem) Update, werden manche Sim-EInstzellungen in die prepar3d.cfg nicht mit übernommen. Aufgefallen ist es mir bei den Wetter-Einstellungen. Im Sim-Config-Manager habe ich die Cloud_density auf Maximum; im Simulater ist diese aber nur auf Medium gesetzt. Weiß jemand, was da los ist?
  8. Can someone do the Croatia Livery (operatet by Air Nostrum) and a Tunisair Livery?
  9. TunisAir Express please COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead.
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