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  1. Hello Shaun, I have been taught KFP = German for: Klein Flugplaetze = Samll airports by info@mailsoft.com. Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara fushi@sf.starcat.ne.jp
  2. Hello Shaun, Thank you very much for your prompt answer. I saw the abbrebiation KFP. What does KFP stand for? Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  3. Dear Sirs, How does KFP_Common function in the Sion X? Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  4. fushi

    St. Moritz X

    Hello Shaun, I deeply respect Nietzche as a philosopher. I cannot really visit Neitzche's House at Sils-Maria. Just only, I would like to be there with LAMA X on the Switzerland Professional X, if it were possible. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/12855662 Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  5. Dear Shaun, Again, may I ask you a question? What is the shortcoming in the Sion X when the option 'No ... do not using the DX 10 preview' has been selected in the installation? I ask you the above question because I'm using the Switzerland Professional X without check mark of the Preview DirectX 10 on the FSX SETTINGS - DISPLAY to prvent coflicts (an example: the blinking of Taxiway with Runway LSMI 23). Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara E6600(Overclocking 3.33GHz), CORSAIR(2GB DDR2 Twin2X), GTX280(1GB) Vista 32, FSX + Acceleration, Switzerland Professional X
  6. I expect much 'AS St. Moritz X' particularly with the Nietzsche's House at Sils-Maria, too. Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  7. I have found the Short Manual on the Web. Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  8. Dear Shaun, Just I have downloaded and installed, it's beautiful!!! May I ask you a few questions? 1) I haven't got the Short Manual. 2) What is the short coming when the Preview DirectX 10 wasn't selected during the installation? Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara E6600(Overclocking 3.33GHz), CORSAIR(2GB DDR2 Twin2X), GTX280(1GB) Vista 32, FSX + Acceleration, Switzerland Professional X
  9. This problem has been solved with v1.02 of "This update is highly advised for all users and is intended to be put on top of version 1.01." Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  10. Dear Shaun, I have experienced that the Wilco Airbus 2 series A340-300 with the SEA - CHECKLIST MANAGER X conflict V1.01. At NTAA 04 ILS landing final, the Error message "Your computer has run out of available memory. Please restart Flight Simulator and serect different graphics, scenery or traffic settings." has appeared and BTD! It's no problem on V1.00, I have put back to V1.00. Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  11. The Bali Ha'i of Moorea (a Hiscock's shot) The Bali Ha'i from nearly same place (AS Tahiti and Bush Hawk) I dislike the bare mountain (Is this FSX default texture?). Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  12. Excuse me. I should post into 'Bushhawk Xp'. I have found red lever bottom of the center console after that. Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  13. Captain, Where is the Fuel Selector Valve Switch? Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  14. Dear Thorsten, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have relieved. BUSHHAW-XP is very likable to me, I will enjoy it! Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  15. Captain, I'm a newcomer. Before finishing installation of the AS_BUSHHAWKXP_FSX, a message:"ERROR with edit FSCategories.xml..the Mission is not available" has appeared. However, 10 BHXP - missions are included in the \FSX\Missions\Aerosoft Missions directory. What has happened to it? Sincerely, Kan-ichiro Fushihara
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