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  1. So, if i understand wel. l the problem might be actie sky settings? the minumun altitud was set to 50 ft baro acording with CATIII ILS CHART. (SEE PICURE) I was worng interpretatinng the chart? (im used to navdatapro format) What do you think about the frame rate? thanks again.
  2. hello on todasy autoland, rate of 580 vs and g load of 3.1 data here are the pictures of the numbers cargo pax and fuel preor flight and during landing. Also you can see the video. the wind was 220/8kts wind data form metar source airbus print. The real wind on landing was 234/6kts. see video. Landing at ILSZ24L LEPA PALMA DE MALLORCA SPAIN 25 fps with some stutters to 15 and 17 see video Here you have the video of the full aproach. if start a little bit sooner than 5NM OUT ILS. Sorry fot that. AGAIN, THANKS FOR YOUT TIME AND SUPOORT. KIND REGARDS EDUARD!
  3. ok. i will record it. i will have to slow down my settings cause the nvidia recorder consumes a lot of FPS with the sim. But yes i will provide it. thanks again.
  4. ok dave i will post them in one hour. I can answer just the 2th and 4th for know. 2. What are you using to measure your vertical speed and G load at landing (there are many programs which can do this)? I use de bus printer. At gate, when i set the engines off, a print comes with the info of the fuel burn and the touch down vertical speed and other data. When the bus suffer a hardlanding, when i break to the taxi speed near to leave the runway, the bus printer autoprint the information with the hardlanding. 4. Were both Autopilots selected to On for landing? yes both autopilots (1 and 2) are on. I wil post the screenshots and other data in a hour, ing going to fly rigth now. Thanks for the help and time guys. i really appreciate it. Eduard
  5. Another question that I have I why on fsx with the aerosoft airbus the previous version of professional I was able to have a successful autoland every time that I try when the condition of the flight where optimal to do so. And with the last version of professional on P3Dv4.4-.5 is 90% shure it’s going to be a hard landing
  6. Like what? If the sim is corrupted or something? As far as I know the sin works well I have stable frames from 24-to 47 depend os the situation. Sometimes I have stuttering due to thermal throttling of my CPU (4790k) 4ghz. And I have an ssd and 1070 gtx8gb. Not to strong but enough. But in general every add-on runs pretty well. I actually update my sim from 4.4 to 4.5 and take the last version of Airbus with the hope of seen the problem resolved but the problem might be other. So my question is what things i have to focus on to see if my simulator is going Wrong? Do you mean the landing wheight? It’s in green on the airbus fuel manager
  7. today i made an autoland cat 3 in madrid with wind 270/2 on ils32lz . my vspeed was -484 at touchdown with G. load of 2.4. I don know if it ist the aircraft or something but this does not happend for example with other planes. Maybe it its me. i dont now but i clearly need help with this. so, coud you please modify something (if you repreoduce the issue) or at least make a tutorial or video tutorial with this new version on how to make an autoland to see if im doing something wrong or i missing any situation? (i know theres is thousands of video tutorial about this, but i haven found anywone with the new airbus. 1.2.5 prepard3D V4.5 activesky Thanks a lot and kind regards Eduard
  8. yes but not always. For example sometimes the cruise message or descend message are not reproduce. Lataer on the comes tha landing messages wich are a lot, after landing wait after landing, afterlangind gate etc and ther is only one being reproduce so, thing to need exactly wich file is and when is that sound trigger. Thats it.
  9. I need to know wich sound file is trigger on the the different situations on flight. I know wich are the files are the cabin crew anouncemts just i need to know wich sounds are working and when. Is it possible. Im doing the cabin crew announcemts of Iberia and Iberia Express
  10. I own the ASK21 but since i dont have FSX i cant fly it. Does it work on P3DV4?
  11. New Request SABADELL AIRPORT. LELL. Near barcelona airport https://www.google.es/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiT4P_DkpbfAhVrxoUKHZwJC2YQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fes.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FAeropuerto_de_Sabadell&psig=AOvVaw182pS4Lw3CJPz3wR0GNxFi&ust=1544561607670080
  12. are you using FS2CREW or default copilot.? There have been issues reported on the beta test of the FS2CREW lastest update for Airbus pro with this exact problem.
  13. hmm, so no option to turn on/off the passenger cabin lights whiteout turn on/off all the lights available? do you believe that it can be added in the future updates a shortcut option to manage that light? o r is a waste of time. thanks Boss.
  14. hi any switch to turn on/off the passenger's cabin light? i mean to see the light on the windows in the exterior model. Until now I only can turn on/off that light with general keyboard command L. thanks
  15. Look I was in the same situation about you. with FSX i spent over more 600 euros in the last 5 years in addons hardware and that stuff. All my friends were saying move to P3D its the future and refused to do it because of the same fact that you, why i have to spend the same money on similar 32 bit simulator. but when P3DV4 (64bit) was released I felt that officially FSX was going to take the place that fs2004 took at that moment. And i was ok, faster than i thought developers began to make the decision to don't make the FSX version. So this Christmas I bought P3DV4, to be honest: A lot of developers make a discount to you if you are an older owner of the 32 version. Look aerosoft you can upgrade a lot of airports for only 6 euros, (la Palma, Frankfurt, El Hierro) that's a gift. Look the Airbus i paid the 50% of the amount. The same happens to ASCA of AS16. Majestic the same. Carenado even the update it's free. And a lot of airports that you use in fsx can be loaded in P3DV4 (without the new features) but they are usable. believe that you will lose only the 40% of the addons you had in FSX. And the best news is that you can have both simulators installed. As I have and sometimes I fly with FSX. P3DV4 cost 60 euros with is not bad for the product it is. Don't be afraid to do the change, i was and i realized that was stupid to be afraid. My recommendation is to move P3DV4, its no so hard and money effort as you believe.
  16. I´m glad to see this news. If true glass can be added, I will beg for other alternatives as is a nice detail to se. Thanks for all your hard work. cheers
  17. I´ve got questions about the CRJ. Will 64bits version has CFD? will this release before or after CFD of Airbus? will true glass add to CRJ? cheers
  18. Version 0.5 DEMO


    Airbus Professional Vueling Soundpack V 0.5 (demo) This pack replaces the default cabin crew sounds with custom files for Vueling. At the moment there are only cabin crew sounds, this is a demo. Soon I will release a complete soundpack in Spanish for checklist and copilot based on Vueling OPS. Instructions: 1. First back up the Sound_ASC folder from /Documents/P3DV4-ADDONS/AEROSOFT A318/319/SIMOBJECTS/A318-319 BASE take in mind that these files are going to replace the default ones, so if you want to fly with other company you must have the original files. 2. Copy and replace the files provided inside the Sound_ASC 3. Inside the MCDU options, make you sure you have the checklist on / copilot on and Cabin Crew On Any problems or suggestions: ed.gasull@gmail.com Enjoy!
  19. I would love to had the older modern livery from Iberia, please. Beg for it. thanks!!!
    @boga Hi, in theory, they are they are same files, try at your own risk to install it on the sound of a320. the should work! But if you want iberia sound for every fleet register at iagvirtual.com there are plenty soundpacks for smartcars (report system) for every kind of aircrafts of Iberia, after some flights you will be able to change miles of your flights for soundpacks in the premium miles store of vIAG.
  20. hi maybe you have seen some bugs in the soundpack, this are issues about CRJ sorry for that we will have to wait for hotfix or update!
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