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  1. Hi sir, So if im not wrong, the updates for the current buses of P3D V4.5 will be stopped ? im not asking about new models, just the product of it self, that was the last build almost 4 months ago, will become obsolete inmidiatly? thanks and cheers.
  2. Hi im using aspen extended with orbx global and north america openlc + orbx global airports pack. I can see like 2 runways 2 taxi ways two numbers, like is duplicated. also i m having problemas with the mesh. it seems is not matching very well textures and the altitude. the altitude aspen bgl are down the default scenary on scenary library .
  3. Has Aerosoft considered to develop a proper business jet With their quality standards?
  4. Hi, anybody knows how to set a delay from cargo load and unload after crew boarding and deboarding as the CRJ700/900 is set? It result that the cargo is loaded and arrive at the same than crew bus and the crew pass trought the cars and palets as gost thanks!
  5. done. For me the forum is good. I find aerosoft forum on of the best forums. Support is usually very efficient and you dont have to open a ticket. Sometimes and remark sometimes i prefer not to know nothing about your plans unless there are going to be real shortly but i think actual preview forums are ok. I think maybe you should be more flexible with people that make a critic post and of course not to call them trolls, sounds like the ugly monsters of lord of the rings (that´s a personal opinion). and yes if the answered has been posted and the person has checked it out, close it.
  6. The security instructions for passengers on the taxi
  7. Hi again @DaveCT2003. I just want to inform that a few days ago a reformat my computer and upgrade my windows to v10pro. And I'm not missing windows 7 at all but still is the best windows I´ve seen. I have a clean install of P3D, some ORBX products, and the airbus. I installed Rex skyforce and tried with their weather engine. you are right it's a little bit weird but anyway I test it the autoland today on LEAS.It was a very windy approach until 1000ft GL. I add the 6 kts you advise me. And "voila" Autoland and flare worked making a touchdown of 300ft/m with the weather engine. I don't know if you have done something of work on this new 5.1 experimental update. But in my system, the OS and certain a lot of drivers have changed. So i will continue doing test once a i have a clean install of Active sky and will inform again.
  8. Cool , thank you guys. I will study your files. But i need to know what triggers the secure message and the take of message
  9. No no no, god save me. But i just want to test autoland with Rex wheather engine. As autoland perfectly work for me without AS. I want just try what happen with rex engine. I only use Rex Skyforce for change the texture clouds and sky dynamicly. So i past for ASCA to REX sky force. But AS still my first wheater engine.
  10. i mean i dont know hot do it, i try it to do it like a nosense beast, just install the FSX version with the old installer and grab that dll and put inside the P3DV4 version and see if because whatever nosense reason it works. Could be. we dont loose anything but a little bit on time to try it.
  11. one question just for curiosity. when you upload the fuel and passengers, do you generate a loadsheet from the fuel planner or just loading the plane an se the numbers. maybe how the plane is balance is my problem. in the other hand i have a few days i purchase Rex force Sky, i will try to fly with that wheather engine and see if autoland works. and if it does, the problem is clearly AS for my situation. But lets wait for the next update.
  12. 😃 I have tried your advise to add 6 kts, also now i add plus wind aditive and aprroach is much stable right now. I dont have speed alarm or sincrate. How ever the plane still does not flare. Thanks for all!
  13. as far as i remember there was a file that was missing. In the older installers (previous to prepar 3DV4) there was that missing file. if you have a backauo of that installer you can install it, grab that dll and then erase the plane. Then install the actual version a just place that dll inside the folder. It should work. Try and tell me i haven´t try it. But on of the topics on alabeo support forum there was a guy saying that he had no problems because he had that missing file.
  14. Hi guys, i own for a long time the DA-40 that i purchased here. Sincé alabeo convert this addon to work with Prepar 3D V4. there was an issue with DME RADIO. basicly it was not turrning on. I want to post how i fixed here is a solution but you have to own and install 172RG from alabeo. here we go. Open alabeo 172rg panel.cfg : search and copy "GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME". just this text not the gauge number or coordenates. open alabeo DA-40 panel cfg: on Vcockpit02 replace gauge01. so you must read " gauge01=GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME, " do not change other thing or coordenates. done! save and enjoy.
  15. i would love to see CFD implemented on this plane.
  16. maybe you have noted this errors, but if it helps, here is wat whe notice in tree CFD whe have done. -apu start button has sync problems. just the start button. we need to push that button at the same time. -antiskid button is not sync. -at certein point of flight the ecam stop sync. at the beginiing of the flight is perfectly sync but after 2 hours of flight the ecam stop sync anymore. same for flaps (but not always) -the pressure is not working ok on the pilot who join the session. So the pilot who create the session pressure works of but for the one who join the session pressure will not work. -radio on/off button is not sync. so both pilot need to turn on the radio at the same time. - the touchdown of the planes are not sync very well. for example. If make touch of 230 ft/m the PM, will have a smother touchdown of 79ft/m. -videocam button and door lock button are not sync. -just sometimes, the mdcu flicker when other pilot add data. but are perfeclty sync and separete. -the MCP panel, sometimes gives flicker or change mode atomaticly. anyway the flight can be done from A TO B with no problems and the experience is amazing. I think the huge work its done and it only need to be polish in a few things. Congrats!
  17. Let’s see if I understand it. So for an autoland with approach speed of 130, the procedure is if auto throttle is on, +5kts + wind 240/6 for rwy24 + 2kts + at the moment with aerosoft airbus until developers fix the bug + 6kts so for the final approach speed result in 143kts am I correct? Thanks for be so friendly and for your time. I really appreciate aerosoft support team!
  18. Hi guys i open this topic just to share my experience with CFD yesterday with 1.2.5 and for inform of just one problem we had and other small suggestion. First of all, i want to say right know the CFD was so estable and whe didnt have any problem of sync. Its amazing the variety of thins are synd. The quality of the was amazing. My suggestion. is that it would be nice that the button of open/close and videocam would be syncd as well. to both see at the same time how the PF has his coffe and the PM just watch becuase its a ratbastard. hahaha. We had a problem pof pressure. the packs where on but for some unknown reason the preasurre was no working (see te picture) Thats all. Thanks for your time. Eduard!
  19. thanks for all dave. Maybe i will look silly but how i can calculate howmany kts i have to add becase the wind additive?
  20. Ok. so i make today a test flight. The flight was from rwy 24L lepa to ILSZRWY24L lepa. The radio dh was 50. and the winds depend of test flight. The first two where 0/0. and the last one was 230/7 I made 4 flights. and i recorded 4 videos. 1. without active sky and no ezdoc. RESULTS: Worked perfectly making a touchdown 180 Ft/m. 2. with ezdoc but no active sky. RESULTS: Worked perfectly making a touchdown of 35 ft/m aprox (video) 3. with active sky (with airbus preset) and no ezdoc. wind 230/7 qnh1016. RESULTS: Hard landing crash making a touchdown of 518 ft/m (video) 4. again active sky and no ezdock: see winds on video VRB/2KTS qnh 1016. RESULTS: worked but a little bit hard making a touchdown of 350 ft/m aprox. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME. 2. with ezdoc but no active sky. (video) 3. with active sky (with airbus preset) and no ezdoc. wind 230/7 qnh1016 (video) 4. again active sky and no ezdock: see winds on video VRB/2KTS qnh 1016. (video) THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME.
  21. Yes. I use ezdoc. active sky asca GSX + GSX2 IVAP. Sim Acars
  22. after another flight and set 50 on radio. Same app procedure same runway with your active sky settings (after aply and restart) the problem still there. the plane does not flare. I will try with iae 321 tomorrow with out active sky and record the video. upload here. and see what happend. Also i have apply to the sim.cfg an anffinity mask acording to my CPU that has at least reduce a lot the FPS variation. thanks for your support guys. I really appreciate it. Best regards
  23. yep. it was always happen to me if make an autoland. thanks for that! i wil try this on upload another video with the result a knowing that dh is radio altitud so lets see if the problem is gone!
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