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    Great repaint Just a minor detail: wrong SELCAL in cockpit, should be KPGM
  1. Sorry, looks like you might be right after reading some NAT bulletins etc. The link I posted seems to be based on a data provider who has changed from the ARINC 424 format but not mentioning that at all. It looks like the default ARINC 424 is actually N5530 for half degree coordinates, but because of so many pilot errors they are strongly dis-encouraging everyone from using this format and instead change to something else, e.g H5530, which at least Navigraph's source has done already. Aerosoft I cannot speak for, as I don't use NavDataPro myself (NAT OPS Bulletin 2008_003) Checking e.g AIP Iceland ENR, you'll see: Due to the unresolved potential for FMC insertion errors: Aircraft navigation data shall NOT contain waypoints in the Reykjavik Control Area in the ARINC424 paragraph 7.2.5 format of "Nxxxx". If an aircraft operator or flight planning service has an operational need to populate data bases with half-degree waypoints in the Reykjavik Control Area, they are advised to use the alternate format "Hxxxx". So it looks like the default is actually N#### after all, but that some data providers have already changed this to e.g H#### Hopefully I got it right this time @Frank Docter
  2. No, not necessarily. Depends on the coordinates entered, as you have half degree coordinates as well, which you have used here. 55N020W = 5520N (ARINC 424) 5530N02000W = H5520 http://code7700.com/arinc_424_shorthand.htm
  3. Will met reports be available just like this, or will they be available as they are published too? This is unreadable for me at least 😅 Couldn't see any sign of it in the screenshot I think Looks very good by the way 😀 unfortunately leaving for a week just on its scheduled release, but will definitely get my hands on it once back home 😊 Well done so far Anders
  4. Although it's the 200 version, I wouldn't mind having West Air Europe paint in 'my fleet' http://www.airliners.net/photo/West-Air-Europe/Canadair-CRJ-200LR(PF)-(CL-600-2B19)/2582857/L/
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