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  1. hi all the user radeo29 has made Bali X compatible with P3DV5, his download link in his post is broken. has someone the files or if user radeon read that here, it would be nice if you send the files to h0155apd@aol.com many thanks best regards oliver
  2. Dear Oliver, many thanks. I have compiled the XML-file and include them in the same directory as EDDT from Aerosoft. Then I fly from EDDK to EDDT, but in the ATC Menue no changes as before, only VOR KLF is available as entry point for ILS. I fly from BARTEL -> GIRIT -> LANUM -> DT553, LIGBA -> Runway 8L. In a heiht of 7000 ft the ATC don't give me the approval to sink. Is this the result, because I don't include the transisition (aus Mangel an Wissen)? General questions: Which Tool do you use for creating that XML-Files? How you come to the content, because you have created that very fast, I think this was not all hand typed? If you have a Airport from Aerosoft (e.g. EDDT), which file you use for creation of the XML, do you use the AFCAD file? You see I am realy new in this topic. Many thanks for your help. P.S. Do you have a email adress, its good to train the English in this forum, but easier to write and answer in german languages. Best regards from Berlin Oliver
  3. Dear Oliver & edetroit, many thanks for the answers, which are very helpfull against to flightxpress forum :-)) Oliver, I can live with a VOR as entry point, but for EDDT I see only KLF and not LWB. Do you have found LWB in the "Approach" Menue of the ATC? I have downloaded ADE and will study it, hope I can find the solution. I heard from XML, this look not too complicated. Is it possible for you to send me a sample approach XML-file? Which tool I need for compile the XML file to a bgl file? Thanks for the helpfull answers. Good night. Oliver
  4. Dear All, if I fly from EDDL or EDDK to EDDT (newest Aerosoft version) I can choose from the ATC only the approach via VOR KLF. This is not realistic, because in real live the approach will be routed via VOR LWB. Why I will not get the option to choose LWB (KLF is in the menue 2 times listed, but not more). Is there any possibility to add that for for approach in the ATC list? Many thanks an best regards Oliver
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