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  1. with version 1.99 it appear to me only the screen of "follow me"...........................
  2. sorry, what mean "please check if you have FS9 in front of FSDreamteam LSZH" ? I didnt understand. :-(
  3. i use aes since first version and i assure to you all is ok. check box, enginestopped and brake on i will try to use ver1.99, even do i read there are no change in LSZH or in the engine of aes. thanks stefano
  4. it means that there is no marshaller, no stairs movements and so on. No aes functions, in short. Nothing of AES is active in ZurichX. :-( I tried to deinstall and reinstall but nothing. It take credit but nothing of AES is active in that airport.
  5. i forgot to say that the version is Zurich X 1,3 with 3gb patch Stefano
  6. After a reinstallation of DreamTeam Zurich X, AES doesnt work even do if it take 3 credits. What can i do? I tried do deinstall and reinstall ZUrichX but no results...... Could anyone help me please? Thank you.... Stefano
  7. Is Possible to have the new product of fantastic Aersosoft with ultra fantastic AES? Thanks for answer........ Stefano
  8. To activate AES in the newly released LFPG have we to wait a new version of AES or is possible to activate it instead LFPG2005 ? Thank a lot Stefano
  9. Me again sorry. i tryed to perfom taxy operations with Cessna and it is very very difficult to reach a certain point of the airport. There are very poor vertical signs and absolutely no orizontal sign, centerline apart. It is only my problem? I deinstall and reistall several time Arlanda in a brand new FS9 installation but nothing.If this is a bug of the airport i hope really that it will be correct. At that time 24 euro for an airport is not exaclty cheaper :-( Hope to have your news, thank you!
  10. Hi and thanks for your answer.......i downloaded the complete ne version 1.10 but it is my impression or the taxy signs present in the scenery are those for the departures only? When i arrive in Arlanda is very very difficult to reach the gate: the signs are all opposite to arrivals. Maybe in the real airport are the same? Thank you for your answer! Stefano
  11. Hi to all, even after the update i still cant view taxy signs. Could you help me? Thank you............ Stefano
  12. Another GREAT work: EDDF2008!!! I bought it and im using the Fs2004 version. In the Manual i read that AES ver 1.96 is needed and in fact, with version 1.95a is impossible to activate this airport. A "question" : have we hopes to get the new version soon? I cant wait to have this excellent airport fully operative ( without AES i consider and airport "not operative") Thank you again for your work, folks........... Stefano building an home cockpit www.ottavian.com
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