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  1. Hi, thanks for the Tip yes I have some Ship AIs installed. GAIST 2.0 and from Orbix some Vessels packets. I find out it was the "Orbix Vessel Global Shipping". After deaktivating it it works in GCLP. lg Rainer
  2. It seems the same Issu is also on the Ben Guron Airport. Test it with the FBW. Here a Screenshot: lg Rainer Update I just zoomed out with S and come back than it works interessting.
  3. Hi thanks for the patch but on my side it didnt change anything. Just updated the VDGS Library to 1.3. and installed the patch. but it looks like this tested with the FBW. lg Rainer
  4. Hi, just a quick Test, with FBW A320N and the CRJ9-900 I have the Issue. With the PMDG B737-700 not. lg Rainer
  5. Hi, just bought the new Gran Canary Scenery for MSFS, by trying the new VDGS the text is not showing correctly: Tested on the Gate T04, T10, T11 everthing the same. Tested it on EDDK and EDLP there is the Text on the correct place. I reinstalled the Scenery again but it didn't fixed it. Maybe a bug or mad I something wrong? Also I have the Problem that VDGS not automaticaly loads. I found out that my exe.xml will not loaded on starting the MSFS. Actually I made the workaround that i start the vdgs driver Manualy. Rainer Brinkschulte
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