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  1. That's right, but Lufthansa have more than one A330-300. So this A330 have this config. Aerosoft maybe take a average seat layout. Cause the config file for Simbrief is for all A330 and not only for the Lufthansa Airbus. P.S. The registration N339SB is a fake
  2. The Luthansa Airbus from Aerosoft (D-AIKO) have 255 seats.
  3. OK, thanks for your answers and patience. You can close this thread. I hope I can post you other ILS faults, if I found some... ;) Best wishes Charly
  4. ok, the next is EDDM RWY26L. I flew a 315 deg to intercept. APPR button pushed. Then, when the plane should do a left turn to intercept, it turns a little bit right, overshoot and then turn left.
  5. ok, another aprroach. EDDL. from BOT 172 deg.to ILS23L.160kn, flaps 20.
  6. here some pictures from my ILS approach at EDDM. the first 5 at 190kn, the next 5 at 130kn.
  7. I flew serval flights to different Airports (EDDM 26L, EDDL23L) with ATC online. On every approach there where a normal vectors approach. I.e.RWY heading was 230 the heading to intercept was 260, 5nm before LOC. ND was set to ILS and the AP set to APPR. But the plane didn't captured the LOC in the right time so the plane overshoot and recaptured from the other side. I flew this airports with an A320 and a Dash8 before and after with the same procedures and the planes captures the LOC correct.
  8. Me too. I'm waiting a very long time for this extraordinary A330
  9. Ok, it seems the registration have a little bit truth in it... 🤣
  10. You re right. A RW pilot never see his plane air-to-air. But he see the plane on every outside-check
  11. Or you can compare both versions on your own PC. Specially the cockpit. This is my plan 😉
  12. Nice registration... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Should we know something...?
  13. OMG!! 😮 the next Thursday, 21.11. is 2024 😂
  14. Wow! Great work. That's a giant leap from the old CRJ to this one. Hope I can fly it soon across Germany.
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