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  1. What I see, is QW use another version of RealLight and TrueGlass as Aerosoft. Maybe this is the reason...
  2. I made another approach at EDDB. First I made a normal landing and the announce was correct. Then I made a go around. At final of the 2nd landing the announces was the same as the video I posted. So the fault is only after a go around.
  3. on my mistake the videos are reversed. the first is the landing, the second is the checklist before.
  4. 2nd Video Prepar3D 2019.12.18 - (3)_Trim.mp4
  5. Hello Hanse, here are 2 videos of a landing at EDDH. 2nd Video is in a 2dn post. Hope it help. Prepar3D 2019.12.18 -
  6. Yes, it happens today. Landing at EDDH. Prepar3D 2019.12.18 - (2).mp4
  7. As you can see/hear on the video the GPWS countinues "minimums" until t/d. Best regards Charly Prepar3D 2019.12.15 -
  8. As you can see on the screenshot the copilot is on and the FMA displays "TOGA".
  9. On my flight from BOS to MUC the MCDU displays a "H" at the beginning of the coordinates. Should'nt there be a "N" in front? Best regards Charly
  10. The announce was not "50". It was "minimum". Normaly "minimum" announces 1 time. Here it announces until T/D. Here a foto until G/A and a short video with the "minimum" announce. Prepar3D 2019.12.15 -
  11. Here are new screenshots. A/P off at 1000ft AGL. GA was 100ft AGL. The semicopilot annunces "go aound, flaps" and thats it. At the second landing the GPWS conts normal until 50ft. The 50ft annunce was repeated until landing. The other annuncements (20, retard, 10, 5) came also and correct) regards Charly
  12. Today I made a aprroach at EDDL. Same issue. GA at 100ft. See pictures
  13. Same here. I started at KIAD 2130z with -0.6 fuel. Now I'm entering NAT at 2330z. Since t/o there is a tailwind with 130kn to 145kn. So normally the fuel should be increase but there are still -0.6 EFOB at EDDM. I'm very excited about the fuel quantity at EDDM... Regards Charly
  14. Try to select the "FUEL" page then press the "RCL" button for about 3 sec. This works for me. Regards Charly
  15. The update only fixed the EFB issue. Our problem is on the list
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