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  1. Well I have done a fresh install with no liveries and I am still having the same issue.
  2. Hi It seems the CRJ is causing flight sim to crash after the latest update. If I remove the CRJ from the community folder, the sim loads fine, however it will crash shortly after 'Checking for Updates' if the CRJ folder is present in the community folder. Thanks
  3. Yeah the sound is still there and seems the same volume after the update.
  4. It is linear in the MSFS controller settings. I'm not entirely sure what is does, but I am playing around with the CLB/CRZ gap to see if that helps. The biggest problem I am having is moving the throttle to a position which allows for a reasonably steady speed in cruise. Where I need the throttle to be causes the TCA quadrant to want to snap in to the CLB detent.
  5. Yes, to me at least, it sounds as if the external wind noise is playing whilst in the cockpit. I have to also agree that the dismissive and to be honest arrogant attitude of some people is not helpful. Whether this wind noise is by design or not, we are just providing feedback. Thanks
  6. Looks like those modded detent pieces will cost a fortune to ship over to the UK. Anyone know of a good 3D printing place in the UK?
  7. Thanks for that, I will have a look into these options. Everything is calibrated via the EFB and all the detents work perfectly, it's just the manual range which I am finding far too sensitive. Does anyone know what the CLB/CRZ gap section is and what this changes? Thanks
  8. Hi Does anyone have any tips on throttle settings? I'm finding it basically impossible to manually control the throttle as its far too sensitive in the range between idle and the climb detent. This is causing me to speed up or slow down way too much in cruise. Thanks
  9. Correct. When I set the transponder from standby to 1 or 2, mode C is not activated in the vpilot client.
  10. Hi As stated in title, vpilot doesn't seem to recognise transponder. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  11. Yes, the aircraft is fantastic and thank you for looking into this issue.
  12. Can confirm this as well, at least from setting the zero fuel weight and fuel. Clicking on set payload twice seems to set the correct value.
  13. Yeah just to confirm, every flight I have done so far has exhibited this behaviour, nose lifts up and aircraft takes off before or at VR.
  14. Same with me, using EFB data and setting the trim as stated, it basically just takes off by itself without any need to pull back on the stick.
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