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  1. Hi, Just made a fictional livery for Icelandic Coast Guard, inspired by their Dash 8 (TF-SIF). - Tundra Pax https://flightsim.to/file/28125/dhc-6-twin-otter-tundra-pax-icelandic-coast-guard-tf-sif-fictional - Ski https://flightsim.to/file/28160/dhc-6-twin-otter-ski-icelandic-coast-guard-tf-sif-fictional have fun
  2. It is what I have done, need to download another livery...
  3. Where are the explanations to impletement the finished files *.dds in a livery package ? What to write in texture.cfg and the json from the folder texture ?
  4. Maybe a problem with your axis sensibility setup in FS2020, it can be difficult to find the good setup for your controllers.
  5. Pretty sure I had this with Cessna Longitude and TBM, not sure it is due to the planes but to low altitude and specific weather
  6. Don't you see them in the Official directory of MFS (the one next to community) ? Planes I bought directly on market place appears in this "official" folder Exemple:
  7. For me Strobes can be switched off/on with joystick button or simconnect (streamdeck and saitek panel) > but the interruptor doesn't move, it stays in same position
  8. I guess the FSX Painkit was sold with the plane, no way to get it separately ?
  9. you need to import (not opent) the *.gltf file with a script addon for blender "msfs to blender" Name of the blender script: Then you need to clean the mode by removing: frost, icing, decal, glass, blur prop disc, slow prop disc...
  10. Aerosoft website directly, I always try to buy product directly at the productor, so I don't have to wait for updates. My FS20 comes from Steam.
  11. Works fine for me, at end of flight fuel has been pumped in both tank.
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