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  1. Hi, May I suggest as an alternative to manually editing your .cfg. Go to Sourceforge.net and search for SceneryConfig Editor V1.1.1, (there may be a later version but this is the version I have). Once set-up (FS9 &/or FSX) run the program and it will highlight problems for your attention, amongst it 's other attributes. Regards Johnt
  2. Thanks Shaun, no hurry on this, because it is still working. Regards Johnt
  3. Thanks to you, Oliver and to Aerosoft, for having the foresight to see what an addictive addon this could be. Brings a completely immersive atmosphere, to what would otherwise be sterile Airports. Thanks once more - keep at it - we all appreciate your efforts. JohnT
  4. Hi Shaun, As stated above, still keep getting "Trial period" messages. But the scenery appears to be working. LOL. Regards JohnT
  5. Hi again, Despite misgivings as written above. I have rebooted FS9, put myself at KSFO and have been sitting on the apron now for over half an hour. Initially waiting to see what happened when the "Trial period " ended. As yet everything appears to be working, confused, you bet I am. Regards JohnT
  6. Hi all, Just received my boxed copy of this software. Installed as per instructions, i.e as admin. At the end of the installation the launcher started up and in the library was KSFO. But contrary to what the manual indicated, it had the message "Activation not required". So there is no means by which I can activate this scenery. On starting FS9 and going to KSFO, i get a green message bar saying "Trial period for KSFO initiated". Whats going on here? Also, as I thought something had gone amiss on the installation. I decided to uninstall and try again. using program/Aerosft/KSFO uninstal
  7. Hi, Your comment "Not at this moment. It's just a much smaller market." had me a little perplexed. I understood this was a free upgrade for the FSX Version. So as there is no apparent fiscal advantage as regards updating for existing users,where does market size play a part? Unless of course this is for the benefit of future purchaser's of the software. As for FS9 being a small market, of the £7,500, Ive spent on software over the years of which £500+ has come your way, I would hazard a guess that 75% of it was for FS9. This does not include Hardware, i.e 5 CPU's the last one being an i7 A
  8. Hi, I too would like to know if there is any intention to update the FS9 version. Regards JohnT
  9. Hi thanks - that's exactly what I did do. Regards JohnT
  10. Hi, spotted that this scenery had been updated. So, I went to updates,logged in. Used the pull down only to find this one was not registered. Tried to manually register it using both EMail and serial code, but received message that Serial code/EMail was not recognised. This is not the first time this has occurred, it has happened on other purchased products. Is there a logic I'm missing in this? In the interim, I have re downloaded the V1.01 for FS9. Question do I have to un-install the previous version prior to installing the latest, or can I just install the latest on top of the existi
  11. Hi Mark, I had forgotten how to manually add items - thanks for the reminder. Regards JohnT
  12. Hi, I am having problems getting updates for installed scenery. This is due to the of fact that the installed scenery does not appear in the drop down list of products for which support is required. For instance LFPO, I have it installed but have been unable to upgrade since it first appeared, same goes for my latest addition EDDS. Regards Johnt
  13. Hi all, Just D/L the latest version of Orly from my account. But prior to uninstalling the original version 1.0, I thought I would try looking at the updates page. On going there, I found Orly was not selectable, so I tried to register it as a new product. But on inputting either my key code or EMail address, kept getting the " No valid code/EMail address". So rather reluctant to uninstall the old version as on the face of it, there is something wrong with the Keycode as shown in my accopunt. Please advise. JohnT
  14. Hi, I have registered Mega Airport Munich in the updates, reg product entry. But when I go to the list for the latest update version, Mega AP Munich is not shown. I can select all the other ones I've purchased but not this one. Regards JohnT
  15. OK thx Typical FS 1 step forward 2 back LOL Regards JohnT
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