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  1. I did not undock to program it (it's a little dark undocked). It does not give me an error... when I put the airport code or coords in it flashes in the correct location, as if it accepts it, then it clears. After trying again today it worked when I opened from the quick flight screen. Maybe something to do with loading the default CRJ tutorial. I have version 4.2.21.
  2. I am trying to fly the included tutorial flight and I am having an issue with the FMS. I just purchased this and have been trying all afternoon to get it to work. The FMS won't accept airport or coords at POS INIT. At one point I did get it to accept the coords and when I tried to enter KLAX for the departure airport it disappeared. I went back to the POS INIT page and it was blank again too. Now back to square one...can't input the airport or coords... This is the only addon I have for P3d V4 so it can't be a conflict there. I wish I knew a fix because I'm really starting to regret this as my first purchase....
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