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  1. Update. My issue with this appears to be resolved after installing to a non "auto discovery path" folder. I had originally set up my system to have a few auto discovery folders to organize addons. The airbus addons were installed in one. I read another thread that recommended not installing the busses in that type of folder if you use Lorby addon organizer. So I installed the products in a separate/dedicated folder and edited the add-ons.cfg file in the programdata location to include them as packages. At this point all appears to be good. I've flown a handful of test flights with each addon without experiencing any trim/elevator issues. Hope this helps...
  2. Happens for me as well. I would agree that it has only been occurring since a recent update, maybe .08 or 1.01. After wheels up briefly once AP is engaged. Then again on approach after LOC/GS are captured. Disco AP after onset does nothing to change it for me. Weather and frames seem to not play a role.
  3. I suffer from this same issue on both products I own, 318/19 and 330. Uninstall with cleaning all remaining folders with a reboot hasn't helped me either. Keeping my eye on this thread.
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