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  1. Hi huskynine, I use GA3 vol 1 too. Maybe this is a common problem of this version? Any way, it seems to me that for some strange reason you lost some .BGL's like "eddh_fs9_objects.bgl" in your "Flight Simulator 9aerosoftGA3 Vol 1Eddh(and Edhl)scenery" folders. And if you are unable to deactivate AES for EDDH (I have the same issue) ... Look at the DEFAULT= line in your "Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator 9aerosoftAESAIRPORTAESA_EDDH_GAP.cfg". AES looks for its .BGL to disable in a wrong directory 'cos we have no GA3_FS2004 folder in our FS. I wonder how AES manages to put it in the "GA3 Vol 1E
  2. Yes I did. They came back. I reinstalled the scenery too - it didn't help. I have all of the available airports AES supported but EDDH is the only one where something wrong happens. Even EDDF was OK with the old installer. I try to figure out. Could it be Scenery Germany 2? Could it be SG2 with Cloud9 EHAM?...
  3. Hello Oliver, First of all Happy New Year! and many thanks for a wonderful add-on. Just one problem. After activating EDDH one parking tower textures and all the apron textures in front of the jetties disappeared. Note that the second identical parking is still textured. Any ideas? Thanks, Iouri
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