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  1. Hi Stephen, here is a print of SBGL under Airport Data, which is showing GMT-2 whereas should be GMT-3. Is there a way to change this for all airports in this timezone or do I have to do that one-by-one? Attached are also my clock settings in W7. Thanks again
  2. Thanks Stephen, I will send the Airport data snapshot next time I am in the sim System clock - yes, it is on Brasilia time (GMT -3) with internet clock checked and on win 7 Suspended daylight saving - maybe, because this issue seems to crop up only part of the year
  3. Hi Stephen, here it is, I put in zulu time for SBGL of 1900 which is showing local time of 1700, a difference of minus 2 houras, whereas should be minus 3 Charles
  4. Will do, thanks Btw, this seems to be an issue reported earlier, see this link which may give more clues:
  5. i have my PC fixed to Brasilia time (GMT - 3) which you can see in the attached clock settings, however PFPX is showing only a difference of only 2 hours (see other attachment where gmt for departure was set at 1400 in PFPX, which shows local time as 1200 (local time should be 1100) I am on the latest version of PFPX, I have had this issue for over a year and on previous versions, I noted that at some parts of the year it works, so probably something to do with an error when Europe is on winter time Charles
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