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  1. Herr Feldmarschal: Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Antwort darauf hingewiesen. Das wirklich geholfen hat mein Problem.
  2. I was only asking for an opinion, since Aerosoft has been my primary source of "add-ons" To set the record straight, I do not expect Aerosoft to answer my complaints about another company's product. That other company will continue to hear from me! Because of the very important role that Aerosoft plays in my "simming", and I assume for many others with this hobby, I wanted to hear some of those other people's opinions on the subject. Thanks for the info concerning the holiday in Germany. We are not always aware of those happenings on this side of the pond.
  3. Why am I not seeing any replies to my post? If you cannot answer me, you have just lost a customer.
  4. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on what Prepar3D is all about. As a real world pilot and a simmer, I find myself confused at the arrogant attitudes they seem to be taking with regard to those of us who upgraded our computer hardware and had to take windows8 (8.1) as part of the package. I paid the exorbitant price(>$200.00 US Dollars) for a sim software package that is still in need of a lot of work. What really gets to me is rather than fixing what they sold, they are planning to zonk those who are foolish enough to pay big bucks for V2.0.
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