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  1. Photo: rakkuguy: crystalfreakingdrakon: Sounix the hedgehof sonuc tbe hedhehof Sonic the hedgejof I got... http://t.co/zbByCjaE7L

  2. Photo: GUYS THIS JOCKEY IS A FLOATING TORSO http://t.co/qD7Ur0FFz9

  3. Photo: PMD: VF - 000 - This is a story from long ago by sulfurbunny http://t.co/nWOYDYeaa4

  4. This is my Omega Ruby base. Come on in! #3DS http://t.co/PebQYFZbnz

  5. Boxed Skittyna, withdrew MusPlusculus. #AlphaLocke

  6. Oh yeah, level limit is now 22 because I have two badges. #AlphaLocke

  7. Obligatory Whismur Lv10(M): Gee Whizmur

  8. Full box of 4V Fennekins with all their egg moves, coming to #Wondertrade starting in 5 minutes. Grab your 3DS! #pokemonxy

  9. Surface Pro 3 works great as an EFB for FSX. Too bad Win8 causes a joystick-FSX disconnect, at least in PMDG aircraft. FSUIPC4 fixes it...

  10. Photo: Good university foods, such kosher, wow, very sausage http://t.co/GDPmPX4ibT

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