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  1. Thank you for this livery. If you want to update the flight deck registration decal with the SELCAL, the SELCAL for this actual aircraft is CE-FS. Regards, Mark
  2. Thanks Hanse, that makes sense to me. Long gone is the day the Purser would enter the flight deck and turn over a card on the centre console that said “Cabin Ready”. 😀
  3. Thank you for the tremendous response and pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate it. And thanks for taking the time to move the question to another area! After googling and searching hundreds of old threads, I was able to find the sound.xml in the AB_Systems folder and I could “read” what was required and I have now been able to get the announcement to play (RWY Turn Off On, even though we would not use that light at that time in my airline). I have not been able to work out what is required for the “Captain, the Cabin is Secure” announcement after doors clos
  4. Gents, What are the conditions to get the safety demonstration to play in the A330? I am on the latest version and can only ever recall it playing once, and I have had the airplane since the day you released it. I get all other cabin announcements, but for the safety demonstration. I must not be following a strict procedure to kick off the script (I use the checklists and prep procedure we use at work). What are the conditions to set it off? Thanks, Mark
  5. Just to report back in, I got a PM from another member who had the same issue. He said he resolved it by uninstalling the aircraft, downloading a fresh installer from their account (he said that the original as released may have had an issue not completing the installation) but before installing, uninstall the Microsoft 2015 x64 distributable. A new one will be loaded by the installer. Reboot the computer then go ahead and install. So I did all of that and viola, the issue is fixed. I will still get the ‘make a video’ lesson though 😎
  6. Hi Dave, I am not sure; I have never done so and don't even know where to start. I will ask one of my 8 year old daughters (if I can get their head out of You Tube watching Ninja Kidz TV). I'll see what I can sort out when I am back home. Kind regards, Mark
  7. Hi Dave, I have no FPS issues, my system maintains 30FPS locked. The lowest recorded on the last flight I did (WSSS-WADD) was 26.4, average 30.0 as per the FSUIPC log, so it is not the FBW <18FPs issue. I already eliminated that from my enquiries. I should have mentioned FPS in my opening remarks. Kind regards, Mark
  8. I have an issue which I have not been able to solve yet, which is as soon as the aircraft is airborne it oscillates in pitch and roll and this continues even once LNAV/VNAV A/P is engaged and really only stops at cruise (but still is slightly there). It then repeats all the way on descent until landing. If I go to an outside view, the ailerons and elevators are going up and down by themselves creating the ongoing pitch and roll movement. It is not weather settings (I use HiFi ASP4) as I have tried with no weather (default P3D) and it is still the same. I ha
  9. Thanks Mathijs, if that is “normal” then no issue, there is nothing for me to hunt down and solve.
  10. Hi Mathijs, Fair enough, except in doing so, I don’t know whether I have a problem or not as he is basically Chief Beta Tester on the Forum and his screenshots are different to what I (and other users) see “out of the box”. So in trying to ascertain if I have an issue to report or not becomes inherently difficult. BTW, I love the product and what you have achieved but it is hard to baseline and report issues if “staff” are showcasing other than “out of the box”. Kind regards, Mark
  11. Gents, I have my A330 in Turn Around State and every time I load the aircraft I get the engine shutdown sounds twice... about 45 seconds apart. I have not done anything except launch the scenario and wait (9V-SSB at Gate F30 WSSS). Regards, Mark
  12. Hello, Has anyone picked up on the fact that there seems to be two different external views? There is the view as posted by Josu in post #8 and there is the view as posted by DaveCT2003 in post #5. They are completely different. I get the view as posted by Josu and cannot by any means get the view as posted by DaveCT2003 even if I turn off all views by MCDU3 re boot and turn back on. There is an issue here which has not been clearly and succinctly identified. Regards, Mark
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