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  1. Mathijis, can I just say thank you. For communicating with your customers. Thank you. Mark
  2. Disregard. For whatever reason, tonight (without doing anything except turning on the computer) it is working, despite not doing so since v 1.10 was installed on 09MAY18. Murphy’s Law - it is because I went to the trouble of writing a post.
  3. Yes, that is how my previous version looked! I have no doubt it works, I just wonder if anyone has experienced what I have described and what they did to sort it? Maybe I am asking the wrong question. Maybe I should be asking what do you do when UTL has zero traffic on the departures board and zero traffic at the aierodrome when the aerodrome in question is one of the busiest in the world (and other airports within 15 miles are full and working). All I did was uninstall EGLL as per the instructions and install the new version - in the same folder, on the same PC and re set the configurator to my settings (as the options did not change, ran Vector, ran makerunways) and that should have been it. Cheers, Mark
  4. I updated to v 1.10 shortly after Mathijs posted the announcement. Given you don’t get an email about the update and there is no updater in the configurator periodically reading the forum is the only real way I know to keep my products up to date. At time of writing this, there has been 386 views, so if half of the readers have the earlier product, then maybe 200 people have updated? Which leads me to the issue I have, which I can’t find a solution for. V 1.10 simply won’t work with UTL. Every gate is empty, the departure board is empty. If I sit for an hour not one aircraft appears at the gate . Everywhere else I fly, including slewing to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton - full traffic. If I disable UTL and re enable MT6 every gate is full. I have removed the scenery, reinstalled the scenery, turned off FTX, Vector, Orbx England all to no avail. UTL won’t generate traffic using V 1.10. I asked the question on this thread in post 6. Unfortunately the reply availed no results. I have also asked the question on the UTL support forum - http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=17240&title=latest-aerosoft-sim-wings-egll Unfortunately the responses thus far have yielded no results. I can’t discern which file is the ADE file in the scenery to try the last suggestion in that thread. The previous version worked perfectly - I uninstalled using the uninstall function, and then installed the new version, set it all up in the configurator to my liking and that should have been the end of it. Oliver says he has UTL and has full traffic, which to me means it must be something on my end but what? Why is EGKK et al full but EGLL seems to have some bubble around it? Nothing has changed on my PC / P3D v4.2 for months - this update would be the only thing I have done since February (apart from automatic TFDI B717 updates via their add on manager). My settings in UTL have not changed and as I said, it works everywhere else I fly out of (I have never had an issue with UTL). Thanks, Mark
  5. Another question about v 1.10... no matter what I do, I can’t get AI traffic to show. Even though UTLive traffic board shows departures / boarding, the whole airfield is empty even if I let the sim sit for half an hour. It is quite odd. Good for performance though! However I am sure it is not a feature. If I slew to Gatwick, aircraft everywhere. Cheers, Mark
  6. If you swap out the 1.28.9i PFPX.exe with the original (1.28.0) provided you kept it, the program works. This issue is peculiar to the 9i version. Regards, Mark
  7. Just to update. I have been on version 1.21 with the last hotfix. I upgraded to 1.30 with hotfix E yesterday. Today, I spent hours doing a complete reinstall of the Buses and stopped at v1.30 ( no hot fixes). The issue remains. I then applied Hotfix E and the issue remains, across all 4 variants. I consistently get LVR CLB flashing during the take off roll, regardless of whether it is a TO/GA or FLX detent setting. I get an ECAM message "Throttle not set" and the FMA does not update to either TO/GA or FLEX, rather it displays MAN THR. The ATHR does not seem to engage with the displays until it is put into the CL detent passing the acceleration height. However, looking at the engine displays, it seems as if the aircraft is conducting a full or FLEX take off, depending on which one I have selected but the FMA's are out of sync until you pass acceleration height and move the throttle to CL. After that, the aircraft operates normally to shutdown. Regards, Mark PS - this is FSX Deluxe, departure 22R Helsinki Vantaa, with or without FSGRW weather.
  8. I follow IFRIP from Vol 6, I am sure it is not that.
  9. Hi Team, I have a good FSX install, quite clean, and have the A318/19/20/21 download bundle version 1.30 with hotfix "E". With all models, I get LVR CLB with either a TOGA or FLEX take off as soon as I move the throttle to the FLX or TOGA gate during the take off roll - I do not get the correct FMA annunciations - I get MAN THR FMA with a T.O inhibit message with LVR CLB flashing. I have properly removed and reinstalled the product, and then reapplied the hot fix to the latest version and it does not fix the issue. I am usually able to sort issues out myself however on this occasion, after 3 days trying to correct it, I can't. I am following the correct set up procedure and I have not had this issue before - 1.21 worked well for me. I purposely did not download 1.30 until the hotfixes became stable and I am at a loss what to do other than to reinstall 1.21 (which I kept), which was quite flawless for me. Can anyone verify that this is a common problem? I am reasonably comfortable that I know what I am doing - but cannot solve it on this occasion, as the issue is consistently repeatable across all 4 variants. Thanks, Mark
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