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  1. LoL none of my other payware aircraft do this...Just yours. Can you please show me a link as to where pmdg aircraft are doing the same? lol
  2. Hi As soon as I set the weather using Opus the wings start flapping whilst stationary Can this be looked at please? Also can we have a proper wing view from the cabin? The current wing view is in the hold. Can it please be raised to Cabin window level Thanks
  3. I'm sorry but the 32 Bit version never had these problems with low frame rates. Whats actually changed? That plane flew like a champ even when the frame rate dipped to 10 when approaching LAX or Heathrow. PMDG 737 and 777 which is way more complex than the A320 don't go nuts when the frame rate drops to 10.
  4. I'm talking of this view. You can't pan around only zoom in/out which is frustrating. Thanks
  5. Yes Mathijs All I can do is zoom in and out when selected. I can't use the space bar to look around. It's very limiting tbh Thanks.
  6. Hi Is it possible to pan on the wing bar views? All I can do is zoom in and out. Thanks
  7. Hi. The checklist works fine when flying from Paris to London. The problem I have is flying back to Paris. After GSX Pushback, both pilots go quiet. Can this please be fixed? I remember the checklist always throwing a hissy fit when doing multiple flights on the FSX version as well. As you can see everything is greyed out so I can't skip. Thanks I
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