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  1. Mathijs and Emanuel, thanks for your statements and you may be right, two same computers aren't the same in the whole way. I'm interestet in A330 too but for now will waiting for the next Hotfix from LH and maybe VRam use will be better than. Reagards Axel
  2. Sorry Mathijs but that's wrong and a sign that Aerosoft is not familiar with the new v5 version of Prepar3D and DX 12. With DX 12 comming up it is a developement issue how much of VRam the addon will use, with DX11 it was not. For me I don't have the A330, i do have the PMDG747 for v5 i'm afraid but a friend of mine does have the bus. We both using P3Dv5 with H1, we do have absolutly the same hardware too. GraKa NVidia 1080 GTX 8Gb Vram with the newest driver. We do have all the slider and other settings at the same way. We both have LatinVFR Miami for P3Dv5 and when we start at Miami Gate F16, me with PMDG 747 and my friend with Aerosoft A330, I do have an VRam use of 4,5 GB and my friend has 6,3 GB. So it is not a question to asked Lockhead Martin but you ! And it's not a good way to send customers to onather developer before you understand the new engine right. Sorry but this is my opinion. Regards Axel
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