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  1. i had a rather unpleasant meeting with a goose at 2100 ft almost hit him :shock:
  2. a super cub would be on my list to just like that twotter
  3. we simply put tape behind the wheel and when it becomes to dirty we peel it of and stick some new on it
  4. no but I have bout 3 hours in a duo Discus, need to fly the discus when i get the chance to do it looking forward to this release finally a proper glider for fsx. any chance of getting an ASH 25?
  5. I was just going to ask that to I'd love to see how it stands in comparison to the real thing so if you nee d another Beta tester I'd be honourd.
  6. will there be an paintkit with this package cant wait to do our clubs planes,
  7. yeah i know that but i had my realism at easy for making some fun but now i can fly me beaver again without worrying bout an engine failure
  8. i used normal default fsx weather (clear skies) but thx for the help
  9. that strangly enough does solve the problem. but as you might understand iam not plannig on loading a default plane everytime i feel like beavering around :wink: (wich is about 60 percent of my FSX time ) thanks Timo
  10. dear people form aerosoft. iam having a problem with the beaver X, after I installed the last update (4-5 days ago) after a few minutes of flight suddenly al rpm drops the motor is ideling but i cant get it to rev up. its very anyoing i checked the fsx failure system only to find that nothing was activated. i miss my beaver :? hope you can help me.
  11. let me kick this off 8) :wink: product used: Aerosoft Beaver X Sierra 9 greetzz Timo
  12. :wink: hehe neither can you in a blanik i did like an hours flight and my ass felt like it was made of wood:P
  13. how can you do a repaint? and is there an paintkit availeble for the beaver?
  14. yea and if uer buying a new vid card ur better of with a 8800 gt very close to same performance as 8800 gtx but 200 euro cheaper
  15. and iam very very very very eager to knwo wehn its going in to full beta
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