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  1. You guys are savages, so many people writing negative derogatory comments about the lack of communication from a guy who doesn't have a big fancy company with loads of staff like Aerosoft and PMDG. As soon as he comes in and explains his absence (Birth of a child) everyone changes their tune, with comments like congrats, take your time, looking forward to the updates. Stop acting like developers owe you information, and free updates, because they dont. #hypocrisy
  2. You may as well say its not going to be implemented, given that both IVAO and VATSIM currently use the hoppies code, and neither network has any imediate indication of implementing their own system.
  3. CPDLC is already in use on both VATSIM and IVAO via the hoppies network, VATSIM has no intention of implementing it's own version. It is however available via plug ins for controller clients.
  4. Wrong, the chime goes off when the EXIT lights over the emergency exits, go on and off, upon Gear retraction and extension.
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