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  1. Thanks, I think the same. The weird thing is why it would work on some systems and not on others though?
  2. Update: Put the files back in the True Glass folder of the aircraft and boom, crash to desktop after a couple of minutes again. Now we know the plane works fine without these files, but crashes with them. Any ideas are welcome.
  3. Just an update on this: I found a few other (three) people who are having the same crash a couple of minutes after loading the plane. One of them suggested removing everything in the True Glass folder of the aircraft, which I did. No CTD, I did an entire circuit at EGLL when previously it would always crash on the downwind. However I also updated my video card drivers. So when I have time I'll put the True Glass files back where they were and test again. If it crashes where it usually does, then there is obviously an issue with those files. I'll report bac
  4. Hi Guys, I've installed the latest A330 according to your instructions. I set it up for some circuits at your Heathrow and as soon as I'm on downwind and turn to look at the airport, I get a crash with the above faulting module. It's not a one off, as it happened around six times. Things I've tried: Reinstalling 2015-2019 C++ New shaders, new P3D CFG Testing older versions of A330 ( does the same) Sfc/scannow command (it did say it repaired some files) I'm using P3D V5 HF2 (Not 5.1). I did exactly the same thing with the
  5. Nope, that folder is empty. I've posted on the FSDT forum to see if they have an answer.
  6. Yeah thing is if I just use CTRL + J, the second jetway goes to the L1 door and crosses through the first jetway and looks a bit stupid. I'm apprehensive about asking FSDT as their forum answers can be rather evasive and aggressive!
  7. The annoying message is the title of the thread. I've downloaded the SODE files and run the batch. I don't really understand why GSX decides it needs level 2 to make them work at Frankfurt, but at Heathrow they all move fine.
  8. Hi Guys, Getting this annoying message at Frankfurt when I try to move the SODE jetways. It's true I don't have GSX level 2, and I don't want it, but I do want to be able to move the SODE jetways. I can move SODE jetways at all other airports that come with them (including your Heathrow), so I don't understand why GSX is being picky about Frankfurt. P3d v5 by the way.
  9. Have also tried a fresh CFG file and fresh shader rebuild. No idea! 🤷‍♂️ They're more prominent in the air, but on the ground with no power you can see them too, they're just not as... Animated!
  10. I've tried flicking between MSAA and SSAA, playing with Vsync (both in the sim and nvidia control panel), playing with anisotropic filtering, changing the monitor refresh rate... Still the same. This is the only plane it happens with.
  11. Hey guys, Short video below; You can see the dancing white ants on top of all the displays. Any idea how to get rid of them? Latest A330 in P3D5 RTX 2070 Super 4xSSAA, no FXAA 2560x1440 V sync on, FPS locked to 30 HDR on If you need any more info let me know.
  12. Thanks for the reply, you're absolutely right! I never tried it as I always fly from the right hand seat. Would be great to have it working in the right MCDU
  13. Hi Guys, Any chance to get this page functioning? I like to have range rings based on my arrival runway. I can enter a runway into the page (eg. EDDF25L) but when I enter a range it doesn't show up on the ND. This is on the A330 current version.
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