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  1. I have two issues and am not sure if they're related. Running Windows 2004, P3D v5 HF2 and the A330. During longer flights (just did KORD-EKCH) the MCDU 3 turns virtually transparent and starts flickering wildly. Similarly, after a while the Radar Contact SimConnect window disappears totally. While I understand you have nothing to do with FSUIPC or Radar Contact, am posting in case anyone else has seen this issue and in case they're related issues. As far as the MCDU issue, any ideas. Thanks.
  2. Any news on this. I have the same experience in v5. Thanks.
  3. Moving the CoG to around 26% did the trick. Thanks.
  4. Any thoughts on this? No one else seems to have any. Thanks.
  5. Sure, thanks. Its the Airbus A321 professional Lufthansa D-AISP IAE. If it matters, Windows 10 64, 9900K @5.0, 32 gigs ram. EVGA 2070 Super.
  6. Trying t set up a flight from EDDF to LLBG. About 1600 miles. I've been using this aircraft for a long time and never had this issue. I'm using the newest download version. Use PFPX to generate flight plan, import that data distance, altitude, etc. into the Fuel Planner and then create a load sheet. Boot up the aircraft ang go through the before start checklist. Then I begin to program the MCDU go to INIT and enter route, flight #, alternate, and finally 50 cost index and 35000 altitude. Align the IRS. Next go to next page, click on 1R to enter the data into the scratchpad, click again to enter in the Initial Fuel Projection and am told the numbers are out of range. The numbers are: ZFW 69.4, which is fine, but the ZFWCG number comes up as 45.5, which apparently is not OK. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Forget it. My fault. All is well.
  8. Been fling this plane in its various forms over the years and never had this problem until downloaded and installed the latest version. Following the before start checklist and on cue I hit the apu ms button and then the apu start button like I always have, and nothing happens. Looking at lower eicas and it says flap open, but there's no startup. Is there something different in this newest version? Thanks.
  9. Never seen that before. Duh!. Thanks and sorry I missed it.
  10. As I pointed out in my post, there are no duplicate entrees in the aircraft.cfg
  11. When I first installed the product all was well. After running the updater, I get this message: I have checked the aircraft.cfg and there is only one entry per livery. Interestingly, this is the same error message another user posted earlier. Always with Dragon Air and always after the updater. Thanks.
  12. Been trying to conduct a flight from LOWW to KEWR. First problem I have is that the fuel planner says I need 39,084 kg of fuel, but PFPX says I need 50,175 kg. So obviously when I use the fuel planner to generate a load sheet, upload that amount, I run out of gas. First thing I did was try and fool the fuel planner by increasing the mileage, so it would approximate the numbers I got in PFPX. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to work, because as soon as I was through loading the aircraft and setting up the FMGS it indicate EFOB at destination will be -.5. I haven't seen any discussion of this issue before, so its probably something I'm doing, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dan Cole
  13. Can't get to work. Read the manual and still won't do this. Also have the A318/320 professional and no problem. I realize this requires a different technique, but I can't seem to get it. Thanks.
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