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  1. I just keep getting dumber. Thanks.
  2. I'm sure its something else I've done idiotically, but can't seen to release the parking brake for taxi. Tried both "." key and the yoke button. Thanks
  3. Thanks. It seems as though the "2 buttons between the toggles" was the issue.
  4. So I turn on the gpu which seems to work fine, do some flight prep, but when I start the apu and get a green , if I then disconnect the gpu, the pfd and nav displays go dark. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Told it was stupid. Thanks.
  6. I've done a search for this, to no avail. I know I'm overlooking something simple, but when I connect ground power and turn the battery on, the pfd, mfd and cpu remain dark. I can't seem to find how to turn them on. BTW the option to in Dave is on for the pfds and mfds. Thanks.
  7. Still having this problem. When asked I activate the on switch in the pedestal and then in the overhead. Still keeps saying Radio Management panel.
  8. I can't get it to climb either. Doing a flight from EDDM to LPWA. Planned it in PFPX. Aircraft never climbed at over 500 fpm and over 20,000ft only at 200fpm finally wouldn't go any higher than 29,000ft. Autopilot on with speed mode engaged. ZFW is 59,230 lbs. And started with 7000 of fuel. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Ok. Thanks. Mathijs' email does contain this quote, though: So you will see updates for the A318/A319 and A320/A321 in the next few weeks first. Is that still valid or has it become void?
  10. I thought I read that there was going to be an upgrade to the Airbus to make it V4 compatible in the short term and then a more extensive revision out, probably next year. I'm not seeing anything about the short term upgrade anymore. Has there been a change of plans? Thanks.
  11. danc444

    GPU won't connect

    Actually, I've got a couple of issues with it. First, when I ask for the gpu through Dave, the unit is visible, but none of the displays light up. Only seems to happen with the apu. Second, when I go to disconnect the gpu, nothing happens. I ask Dave to disconnect it, but it won't go away and I can't release the parking brake while its there obviously.
  12. You boys are trying to run a business and not lose your shirts. Understandable. Do what you need to do. Then, of course, the onus is on you to provide a quality upgrade. I look forward to it.
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