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  1. Hello! I wanted to give more information regarding the issue with weird N1 values with throttle input. Link to old post: Old post What I've found so far is that this only happens when both engines are running. If I only have one engine running there is no issues at all with throttle input and correspodning N1 values. I don't know if this helps the devs or if it's another dead end. Best regards, Kristoffer
  2. I for one only have and hotfix (early march), is there any other version released somewhere? Aerosoft Launcher says there are no updates for the CRJ.
  3. Quoting myself just to say that I tried this but didn't work because I couldn't find a good setting where idle input matched idle in the CRJ. Best I got was 22,4% N1 which made it impossible to shutdown engines.
  4. Hello, Just to update on this issue. Yesterday I tried out different settings, more specifically "Sensitivty"-slider in P3D. I found a sweetspot of 110 sensitivity but this remove the upper part of the throttle quadrant. I started thinking that it seems like the idle detent in the cockpit is not in sync with idle input from the throttle lever (When sensitivty is set to 127) So a workaround could be: Create profile in FSUIPC for the CRJ (livery dependant) Assign throttle axis through FSUIPC and calibrate axis Edit fsuipc.ini and find the profile for CRJ Find the row with throttle axis calibration and change the "lower" number to an even lower one (Some expermimentation required to find a sweetspot) Reload assignments in FSUIPC I have not tested the above it's just a thesis.
  5. One axis on my warthog TQ setup through FSUIPC as Throttle axis. Have tried setting this up in all three ways supported by the CRJ (P3D standard controls, FSUIPC and FSUIPC advanced throttle setup) Weird part is that it doesn't matter if I use the standard Keyboard shortcuts (F1-F4) to control the thrust, more specifically F3 to increase in small increments, or if I use the mouse in the VC to move the thrust levers. I still get the same result. I've tried disconnecting all my controllers as well and only use keyboard/mouse controls but still the same issue.
  6. Hello! Another update on this issue. Still present in and I did notice that issue only appears when both engines are started. With only one engine started N1 behaves normally against throttle input. So after seeing this I tried to disable N1 sync but nothing changed. I've even gone so far as to reinstall my P3D v4. Best regards, Kristoffer
  7. I would agree if I hadn't tried to unplug my TQ and use F1-F4 keys and still experience the issue. Is there some way to provide you with additional logs or anything?
  8. I would think so as well if other aircrafts had issues, but it's only the CRJ that has issues. Anyway will continue to try a few things tonight. Edit: The raw data from the controllers are fine without any spikes anywhere. Edit 2: Also the issue is there even when I press F1, F2 and F3 to move the throttles as well as when I move them in the VC by using the mouse. So something else is fishy here
  9. To update some on my issue. Last night I had this issue happening >50% N1 while in the descent. What I noticed is that the issue gets worse the smaller the throttle changes that I do. I've started logging FSUIPC axis inputs to look for abnormals but it all looks fine, I tried every configuration alternative for throttles. I've tried disabling different applications such as AV, Process Lasso etc. but no luck. Tonight I will enable logging in the CRJ manager to see what input the CRJ gets from throttle positions, a question there which logging level should I use (1, 2 or 3)? Edit: Also noticed that if I slam the throttles forward into any detent, CLB, TOGA or MAX, the issue isn't there.
  10. Hi I searched the forums for a few days to see if anyone else encountered this issue. When I start to taxi the aircraft I advanced the throttles just a nudge forward to start taxi, then I get a drop in N1 from 21.1% down to 19.9% for a second or two then the thrust increases. Same goes when reducing thrust from say 30% to idle I see a jump up to about 35% and then a drop towards idle. Maybe this is how the aircraft works in real life? But from videos I've seen I've not seen this issue and it's only present in sub 50% N1. First I thought that maybe fsuipc was doing something spooky here but now when I remapped the throttle through P3D Controls it's still the same, infact if I use just one press of F3 I see the drop of N1 to 19.9%. CRJ Version: Latest Simulator: P3D v4.1 OS: Windows 10 x64 Throttle Quadrant: Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS
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