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  1. Is there any specific application recommended to uninstall/reinstall?
  2. Hello, On my system time to time I have an issue with an app running in the background with an empty window, from task manager it looks like it belongs to APController. The issue is when I have this window then many times my keypresses and mouse clicks are not working in P3D. I try to switch between tasks, try to close the window, but no success. Is this window normal? Any idea what could be the problem? I am runing P3D v4.5 on win10 64bit. Thanks in advance
  3. After GSX update it seems the problem is solved on my system. (I have issue with APcontroller popup, but will open a new topic for it) Thanks for the help!
  4. I was following the mentioned guide step-by-step. I have not yet updated GSX yet, will give it a try and report back. Thanks!
  5. After doing yesterday the full reinstall with the new versions I am having the same issue, GPU is always attached, have never had this issue before. Also with the EFB first has an ERROR message and no maps, I need to restart the flight and it works. I use navigraph maps, my account is succesfully registered in the configurator
  6. I will do some more testing during the coming days, but can confirm your findings, I have the exact same behaviour. Could you show your FSUIPC settings for this command?
  7. My view system is also off and also trying to use from VC
  8. Yes, I am. Now I will try to update FSUIPC as well.
  9. since v1.3.0.0 also A320/321 reverser doesn't work. I assume the same for A318/319, but not tested those ones yet any recommendation then how to setup reverser to button for the Professional series? I am using a saitek throttle quadrant and want to apply reverser when pulling throttle leaver beyond idle (it is a button there). Thanks.
  10. still, I can confirm with v1.0.0.6 the problem is solved
  11. now I see the is out, will update and check
  12. Just landed with the A320 professional and with the attached FSUIPC setting the reverser works just fine. The A330 uses the same FSUIPC profile in my p3d, but there it doesn't want to work
  13. after landing I have checked, by pressing F1 then F2 the reverser works, and after this it works with the assigned button as well, but not before
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