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  1. Shaun, I finally found that the launcher needed updating. I think instead of "can't connect to the server", a better dialog would be "please update the launcher". Just a bit confusing. With all this messing around I'm not a big fan of this online activation business. Seems the valid users are paying the price, not the pirates. Thanks, Todd
  2. Well I am done now. Just launched the "launcher" and it's saying that BOTH sceneries now need REactivation. C'mon Aerosoft, this is FUBAR. And if you need a translation for that, just ask anyone who had contact with an American G.I.
  3. I have been trying since last Friday to jump through the hoops and activate my scenery online. Every time I get a 'can't connect to the server'. I have no problems with any other site or forms. Finally in frustration I went through the offline process and received one activation code, but they didn't bother with the other I included (two sceneries need activation). Please Aerosoft, do something about the server problems and please pay attention to what is being asked for in emails. Thanks, Todd
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