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  1. I checked again and I found the .XML file for A330 and I now know what happened. The A330 installer forces the "General" folder under documents to be created under c:\User\documents which is not corret because the "Documents" folder on my computer has another path and not c:\ drive (I don't save anything on system drive). Now i have two seperate Fuelplanner folders. One for A31x/A32x was created correctly (correct Documents path) and the second one for A330 which is under c:\User\Documents and the genereted Load File .txt won't be visible inside P3D and Load file can't
  2. This is exactly what I'm doing. I did not modify anything and it happens that I have PMDG products and AS saves a copy of the WX there. I tried again to load the weather and it worked when I used another rwy for takeoff. I will keep checking it.
  3. This problem now happens after reinstalling the new A330 Whenever I tried to load the weather in FMS then sim crashes. No success at all and I didn't have this problem previously. I use ActiveSky and weather is correctly downloaded inside PMDG WX folder. So far weather is not functioning in the new version (at least for me).
  4. After reinstalling the new A330, the XML profile under Fuel Planner folder is missing. I tried reinstalling again and again and downloaded the installer a second time but it is still missing. Norton AV was off and I checked if it blocked any files somehow but seems all was ok with installation. Maybe someone can post this file for download? Thank you.
  5. For me this happens because of armed speed brakes after Aircraft Power up and once disarmed the short alarm disappears. I have it only on A320/321 after selecting Cold&Dark state. I think Active Sky has nothing to do with this and it seems to be a conflict somewhere (by the way I have the speedbrake arm toggle assigned to a button in FSUICP registered version).
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