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  1. The new SODE File for PANC V4/V5 is now online at http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_SODE.htm Delete the old SODE Folder and replace it with the new one, then run the SODE-ON.BAT, it will handle now the correct files based on the version it is used in.
  2. NO, at this page only links exists to the sim-wings pages, no files are there for sim-wings products.
  3. Hi Bob, even when we have here 12:30 AM, I could not believe that the described errors could exist. So I started my PC the late time and unfortunately I had to find out that the SODE files in the special case of PANC unfortunately do not fit for the P3D V5 version, because in contrast to all other sceneries in PANC the Afcad (AFX file) was exchanged in V4 with SODE files. Of course this does not fit for V5. I will create a SODE version for V5 tomorrow, which will fix the problem. Keep the PANC_ADEV5-OP01.BGL and delete the PANC_AFX*.bgl and the SODE XML in the SODE XML Folder until a new SODE Download for PANC is available on the sim-wings webpage. But, as you are the first and only one who see it, the SODE support seams not as important as requested Good night.
  4. LPMA is special, because it is not based on ground like LPPS or 99% of any other airport scenery, it is on a bridge construction. And you want to see below this bridge from outside the airport, but this is only possible, when there is no mesh ground below, which blocks the SIMers viewpoint to move below the ground of the runway here. The aircraft can be blocked by a platform command to fall down, but the Sim did not block the viewpoint for moving down at the plattfrom level.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Ok, Hans has change the config file, so please try the Asupdater again, should now solved the issue.
  8. Yes Bob, makes sense, but then Hans needs to change the Asupdater, so that he stop the process until the Tool is closed, before the next package is downloaded an installed or maybe better, the update must include the step and updates for any step since Installerlevel. Will point him to this.
  9. This is a false positive identification of you virus protection software, maybe Windows defender. Please read this: In your case, maybe the ignore button will fix it, as long as the Eddfconfig Tool will open at the end of the install process. But the Install folder is perfect now
  10. Ok, but based on the shop, the is the last version. Maybe the ASupdater file on the central server is wrong or the shoppage as not he last state. The log of your first post seams to log, that the download and update to was successfull, but the download for the version fails. In the mainfolder of the addon (Vaernes v2.0 - P3Dv5), you should find a product.cfg and a readme.txt. Can you check please, which versionnumbers you find there. If it is, your Addon is an the version, but the updater has maybe based on the fail of the „non existing zip still the wrong state. The responsible person of aerosoft is back in the office on Wednesday next week, he must check the central files here.
  11. Did you change the destination/install Folder of the scenery, as I told you yesterday? If you install the version again into the Document/Prepar3D V5 Addons folder, you will have the same issues as before.
  12. Here simple a large number of the Textures are not loaded fast enough. I don't know at the moment, which parameter in the Prepar3d.cfg will controll this, but maybe you can make a first test by moving the Prepar3D.cfg from the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 folder to a save place, so you can it move back later. Then, when the Prepar3D.cfg is not in this folder (because you move it,if you copy it, then delete the file here), start P3D to recreate it with the default values and may a testfight to see, if the textures are loaded correct. When this helps, you can attach here both version of the P3D.cfg (the org and the new one), so we can have a look into it.
  13. When the location (installl folder) is c:\Peter\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons, then this is your primary problem source. This folder should never used for Addons, which gives an option for the destination folder. Deinstall it correct, download the newest installer, use a folder like C:\P3D-Addons, which you create before. then use the ASupdater to get the last version.
  14. As always Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. Nein, Tegel ist eine volle V4 Version wie alle anderen von mir erstellten Professional Versionen. Nur hat sich Padlabs nicht dazu entschieden, eine optimierte Version 1.10 erstellen zu lassen, da Padlabs die paar Euro Kosten nicht tragen wollte. Die anderen Airports von GAP wurde ja alle nach dem Release nochmals angepasst und auf die aktuellen Erkenntnisse optimiert (neues Konfigtool, optimierte dyn. Lichter etc.). Bei Tegel gab es auch einige Optimierung für die Einbettung in Orbx. Und daher hab ich auch nicht nachgefragt, ob eine V5 Anpassung gewünscht wird, kostet halt auch etwas PS: Tegel ist halt nicht nur real ein Risiko Investment, wenn der stillgelegt wird, kann man mit dem halt kein Geld mehr verdienen, auch virtuell nicht
  16. Bitte zukünftig das richtige Forum suchen, vor dem Posten !
  17. Or maybe sounds like this here: Is a different error message, but the destination below the users folder. Here it looks like the ASUpdate files could not installed.
  18. Nö, ist immernoch die 1.01 von anno dazumal.
  19. Will forward this to the developer. But maybe need some time for a feedback, is holyday time.
  20. Das ist eine Entscheidung der jeweiligen Entwickler, kann hier nur für German Airports (Friedrichshafen, Stuttgard, Dordmund) sage, dass derzeit keine Entscheidung darüber vorliegt, weder ja noch nein. Was Padlabs mit Tegel macht, kann ich nicht sagen, da wurde aber auch schon beim P3DV4 kein Fix mehr nachgeschoben.
  21. Can you give us some more Info, please: - Have you Orbx Products installed? - Is there another addon related to the area used?
  22. 1.) You start a dicussion in this Support forum, because you expect that someone takes the time to help you with the issues you have. But you don't even spend a minute to declare your Question in the Titel of the thread, so that the reader can see, about what product and problem the discuss is started. He needs to open and read it, to see that this dicussion is not general P3D5 related, as you title "P3d5" suggests. 2.) You talk about "mega Heathrow airport", such a product does not exists in the Shop. When you search for this title in the shop, you will see, that there are two products existing: a) Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended b) Mega Airport London Heathrow professional When you have the first one installed in P3DV5, it is simple the wrong product for the Sim. But how should we know that, if you don't take the time to make a clear statement about the product, your issue is adresssed too and that best direct in the Titel, like "Color issue P3DV5 with Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional", then everybody knows, about what you want to talk. As the Otto (Mopperle) has ask you yesterday in the other thread: - a screenshot would help us to understand what you see You not react on this important question. Nowbody here knows, what you see on your screen. So nowbody can compare what you have, with what we see on our screens to make a desition, if it is maybe a issue on your PC, that the scenery is displayed not as design too. To make a screenshot in P3D V5 is easy and needs seconds: - Set the Image format in the Menu Options->General "Screenshot Format" to JPG, as this is the best format to post/attach here. - Then press the Key V and you find the related JPG Picture in the Pictures\Prepar3D v5 Files folder of you PC - Then move the file into the "Drag files here to attach" zone below this editor frame. Now to your statments about the "wrong" Colors you seams to see: The Scenery is design based on hundreds of Photos taken by the developer on the Apron in Heathrow by a tour with the Airport Administration, so he had a good base to transfer the look and feel into his Flightsim Product. Based on this, the compare of there real world Photo in Google Maps and the top down view of the P3D V5 simulator looks very near simular. That the Sat photo is maybe a littlebit darker then the day view with full sun in P3D is not a bug of the scenery, it's limit of Photos. When you check older Sat photos in Google Earth, you will have much lighter Grounds here: So, what is the truth? But the oil marks at the round of the Gate are all present in the scenery and much more intensive, then on all pictures of the "real" world. And how the objects and ground Texture are displayed in the Simulator, depents much on the HDR Setting you have selected. The default HDR brightness Value of 1.0 in P3D under Options->Graphics->Lighting will result in a cross-fadingover of any light surfaces in the simulator. When you monitor brightness is also to high, it maybe looks not realistic at all. HDR Brightness Values of 0.7-0.8 could be generate better results here. Colors of the vegitation around the airport: All trees you see direct at and around the airport above the photoreal ground, as also the Trees of the P3D V5 landclass area around, are not part of the Scenery product, they are simple Autogen tree the Simulator provides. In Summer, there is no "lightgreen" tree visible here, not direct in the near to the airport, not is the default are behind: Not even in Spring, where the young green is much lighter in real life, the trees are still "medium green" here: But, when I switch on the option "Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation" in the Options-> World Menü and RESTART the sim to activate it, then I get a result, where we can talk about light green trees: But this is not limited to the airport area, it's all over the sim and this is not a issue of the addon, it's a "feature" of the P3D Simulator and should be discussed with Lookheed Martin or the "Speedtree" developers. So, based on the limited info you gave to your statement, that you are "disappointed" about the colors of the "mega Heathrow airport" addon, it is not reproduceable here, so no need for any investigations to change anything here. Every person has different perceptions of the world, which can lead to different impressions from person to person.
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. The customer is only king if he behaves royally. You are far away from it and your statements are only your opinion. As you not provide any infos to show what you see, you are not interested to discuss this. Open a ticket, there Aerosoft can validate if you pay your bill: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/en/signin Here the Discussion is closed.
  25. Sorry, but I don't know about which product you are talking, Mr.Haynes. Your name seams more important then to declare the Product correct. The Product Aerosoft sell, Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional for P3D V4/V5, has not one Tree included. All trees you see there is Autogen. No idea, which Autogen modifications you use, but when the tree don't look relalistic for you, then you should check the Autogen product you use or the setting you have (maybe Dynamic Vegitation on?!) And on the gates there is so many Oil, not less then you can see on any sat picture of London. As long as you are not talking about another product, it is your personal opinion, but not a support issue or a reason to make rude insinuations about the product. And to open a post with only your name in the title, is simple respectless, but Otto told you that already and you even don't read it before open another thread the same way.
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