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  1. Quick and easy question, Are there and plans to update the KPUW - Pullman - Moscow Airport to X-Plane 11?
  2. Yes it was the flatten airport option, everything is looking good now, I do have the runways follow terrain contours checked now, but I have some airports that require it to be unchecked, is there any way to edit those so the will not have floating buildings?
  3. I have my x-plane set to flatten all airports, and all the scenery files are above any other ortho and mesh files in my scenery config file.
  4. No it is not solved, and I did not ever get the files that are in the "Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_b" directory, they were not included in the "AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-REQUIRED-FILES" Zip file, If I remove all the KASE Aspen directories and go back to default the mesh looks correct, with no cliffs.
  5. "Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_b" is the directory that what isn't included, after I reread my post I couldn't edit it.
  6. Hello I bought the Aerosoft Aspen from the Store, I have tried everything but can not get it to look right, i am using forkboys Ortho Colorado Photos, so I installed the "AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-REQUIRED-FILES" Zip file. The manual says there is another "Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_a" directory that wasn't included, is that what is causing my problem with the drop-offs in the mesh? scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
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