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  1. Thanks... I tried that as well and it still doesn't work. I'm quite confused.
  2. @SimWare Thanks! I think I'm one step closer. The Configurator isn't throwing an error when I use the LVAR, so that's good, but I'm not getting a reaction in the sim. I feel like I've got it set up correctly in this screenshot. I posted to Leonardo's forum as well to see if other users with the Bravo can help.
  3. I'm attaching a PDF of their commands, which look like rotor brake codes to me. There isn't any documentation explaining how to use them, unfortunately. List of Commands (4).pdf
  4. Using the hardware button assignment tab that's in the Maddog X's Load Manager, I've been able to assign the Bravo's FCU buttons to A/P. However, I'm not able to assign the toggle switches, most likely because they exceed the number of buttons that Leonardo's app can recognize, so I need to us the AS configurator. However, I can't get the toggle switches to work using Leonard's rotor brake codes. Has anyone gotten the Maddog X to work with the Bravo and can provide some guidance? Thanks
  5. That's odd. I'm attaching my exported profile. Give that a try. 747 export.json
  6. I'm using the AS Configurator with the profiles available for download on this forum. For the PMDG 737/777/747, for every flight I'm having to flip through all of the toggle switches to get them to sync with the sim. I do this every time I spawn in so they're ready to use during engine start, for example, but is there any way I can avoid this little hassle every time? Thanks,
  7. @Raphael Jakob I'm having an issue with the reverser on eng 1. This profile allows eng 1 to go full reverse if the throttle is pulled through the detent without pulling the reverse lever first. Any suggestions? EDIT: I might've found the issue... under eng 1's reverse lever, eng1_idle_rev_off was missing value 0 under variable 1
  8. Thanks for this, I'm really enjoying it! I do find it a little difficult to select a precise heading/altitude, but I supposed that has more to do with the control acceleration in the MJC than the profile?
  9. Thanks. Reversers aren't working correctly when coming out of full reverse thrust. Activate the thrust reversers Pull the levers to the detent to get max rev Push the levers back up to go idle The engines come out of reverse, but moving putting the paddles back into the forward position causes the levers to go into the climb detent
  10. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Airbus pack working 100% with FSL like we could with the default Boeing-style throttles. I really don't understand why Honeycomb decided to program the Airbus pack differently so now we're stuck trying to write new profiles for it. Anyway, I cannot get reverse thrust working correctly on ENG1. The reverse lever works fine to go into idle reverse, but then pulling throttle 1 into the detent also makes ENG2 go into full reverse thrust. I can't make heads or tails of it. I've attached the profile in question. It works fine if you just stick to idle reverse, but I'm hoping someone can help me figure out this last issue with max reverse on ENG1. Airbus pack test.json
  11. Thanks. I figured it out. Lever X Commercial / GA GoAround and Lever X Commercial Go Around are swapped on the Airbus throttles.
  12. P3Dv5, FSLabs. I just got the Airbus throttle pack from Honeycomb. I'm using this profile: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/6083-flightsimlabs-a320-x/ The autothrottle disconnect buttons are activating reverse thrust. I guess in my mind I thought it would be common sense for the buttons on the Airbus pack to have the same mapping as the default Honeycomb set. Is that just not the case?
  13. Can you please share a screenshot of how you fixed his profile? I'm a bit lost.
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