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  1. ISSUE RESOLVED Having never previously had problems with anti-virus and firewall, I have ignored the advice to temporarily turn off these apps...….will not ignore again! I uninstalled again the Airbus 318/319/320/321, rebooted, turned off anti virus and firewall, installed the Airbuses and then on reboot, the Airbuses installed correctly and are working. Sorry for the unnecessary post Rob
  2. Hi Have had to reinstall P3DV4 and addons due to a issue when updating another aircraft addon. I have uninstalled everything through Windows uninstall program used a registry cleaner. I then downloaded the latest Airbus 318, 319 & 320, 321 zip files from your website this morning. Attempted install with 'Run with Administrator'. The first file (318/319) installs without error, but the 2nd file (320/321) I am getting an error message which states "The following error occurred on the file 'C:\users\…..\OneDrive\Documents\aerosoft\General\A3XXTerrOnND\ASDBTerrOnND.dat Cannot create a file when that files already exists. (0cb7)" Checking that folder, the file does not exist. Having searched on your forums I found a 2016 post with some similarities but on that occasion a re-install solved the issue, this time it hasn't. I then uninstalled everything and tried a second time with the same result. Thanks for any help you can provide Rob
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