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  1. EDDM, LEIB are always causing CTD. Is there an update coming ? Are you in contact with ASOBO that they should do reasonable updates, not always f... up the simulator Very disappointing
  2. Hoffentlich dann auch im Zusammenhang mit LICR.... noch immer kein Fix mit den FSDT-Gebäuden von Key West Hopefully also in connection with the broken LICR Scenery, still the FSDT Buildings from Key West on the Runway. No Terminal/Tower ....
  3. @Cobra7207: Where is the Content.xml located??
  4. Ok, already discussed in the Englisch forum. Tsailstrike knows about the "layer" problem. Thanks !! Solution should come with them!
  5. Hello, after installation I have no terminal at all. And strange... all the scenery buildings of FSDT Key West are in the scenery, on runways... After uninstall of FSDT Key West, the buildings are gone of course, but anyway no scenery buildings from tailstrike. What`s going wrong there? Beside the interference of FSDT KeyWest I have no LIRC scenery
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