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  1. True. The 744 and MD11 produce the most noise. Despite it beeing the same Engine exept the PW4000 MD's. I am working on the 767 and 757 everynight and the difference in noise between them and espiecially the MD11 is huge.
  2. I hope we will never see 3 Jumbos at the Fox Apron. normally only one stands there. On his left a UPS 757. Thats enough maintenance on it^^ I look forward to see my daily workplace in this LOD
  3. Right. I remember last night i drove there the first time and last time I have been at the outside Postions is quite a while ago. Got completely on the apron. Luckily midnight...
  4. We classify our Bugs upon entering it in the Management Software. Show Stopper, Major, Minor,... Often the tester decides the severity of it. Many things are "cosmetics" like shifted fonts at panels. Some regard to system behaviour. Some to details like ECAM Arrows or ND and PFD symbology. Me for myself am mostly looking for technical behaviour. Means: are the switches in their system-wise state and how is the power-up, engine start, Delay-Behaviour and suggestions for improvement and features. These suggestions for example might be discussed and maybe delayed until the Service Pack. All these 200+ are broadly something from everything. The major advantage of AS is, that we are a variety of different persons. Some from Aviation (Pilots AKA Franks, Technicians AKA Bens, ATC Controller, soontobe's AKA Emis), some are IT-Neets (Hans, Stefan,...) and some are just Simmers. Therefore we have a wide variety in different Computer-Platforms with different Specifications. And that creates alot of findings but building a good and a decent priced Product. What adds "delay" (not to regard a release but to work generally) is that we are all working poeple besides this. At least some of us "work".....Work.....it's a strange word. Nevermind^^ And what I have to say is: That the new bus will be a nice Aircraft
  5. DMC Selftest is only done at Powerup. Even should the displays be turned off the 3 DMC's will perform its BITE in the backround. its not always done when a displays was turned off (DIM/BRIGHT Knob in OFF detent) but only on powerup the first time. This is also a safety reason. on the Enhanced Airbus (EIS2) DMC1 supplies CAPT PFD, ND, EWD and ECAM, DMC2 FO PFD and ND and DMC3 is STBY for both. If the displays in a Power Bus Change first needed to perform the BITE the Crew first would need to wait up to 40s before they see vital data again. Thats why no other BITE is performed after initial start up.
  6. true. I like to sit in brandnew cockpits. I had the pleasure quite often with Easyjet during my time in Gatwick. But in these you still find dirt in every place. Pilots can't leave their workroom tidy
  7. Speaking for myself: I like failures alot. But that more because its my usual work. seeing a fault, relating to it and having in mind what my point of introduction to troubleshooting would be. for that its very important to have an accurate model and a 100% accurate simulation of the systems. Unfortunatley I have not seen this in any sim so far. And when Developers try to promise 100% -failure system adaption I cannot smile anymore because its bugs me even more as a "specialist". Even not with the very beautiful Service Based Failures by PMDG. If I would replace HPSOV's and other Bleed related components as often THEY say I would need to solely work on the engines. And believe me: it's not that fun under the head-bumping little (and still often hot) cowls. (Bet Engines are the places where I hurt my self most often. Thank god im doing Widebodies mostly!) But I dont even think this is bad to NOT having this. A good immersion and accurate flight model (and besides Stefan's new cockpit looks amazing in-sim) is in my eyes more important. AS has a very reasonable and especially fair pricing model and delivers one of the best models out there. And we the testers, the devs and EVEN MATHIJS! try to bring you a very good product for a very good price. AND: with every new release, now with a big new development on 64-bit, the Scarebus gets better and better "Gut Ding will Weile haben!" LG Wackenopfer
  8. Its officially Köln/Bonn Airport. @Mathijs Kok Glad to help. I work there everyday
  9. Hello together, I keep having Crashes under P3Dv4 since I installed 29 Palms Samos. Sorted out that the scenery.dll is responsible as faulty module. When I de-install Samos everything works fine again. Everything is updated so far. Eventlog shows: Specs: i7-4790 GTX1060 6GB 8GB RAM P3Dv4 Installed Addons: PMDG 747v3 FTX Global FTX EuropeLC Malpensa X FlyTampa Dubai Flytampa Corfu
  10. you're correct in what you say but in some instances companies use the aircraft following maintenance inputs such as A checks etc to re-certify the aircraft as ETOPS To gain ETOPS certified there is no a-check needed. Simply a ETOPS verification flight and a previous ETOPS pre departure service check every second turn around (means at home base)by a certified ETOPS engineer. For working on twin engine aircraft which are basically allowed to perform ETOPS this qualification is mandatory for every engineer. Additionally the engineer must own basic and customer ETOPS trading on the applicable type. It must not inherit current ETOPS as we are allowed to reject ETOPS anytime. A checks are like on every type due acc. MPD and have nothing to do with ETOPS status. autocorrects can be ignored
  11. Hi twix! Surprisingly in the a320 Family on both engines you barely feel a N1 increase. You could say that Its unnoticeable. In the trent 700 Its nearly the same because the Engine produces more bleed than it actually needs. The cf6 and pw4000 turn into real high performer and increasing the Power really much when turning in the WAI and EAI. Greets Wackenopfer autocorrects can be ignored
  12. Keep calm. Has anybody said, that the sound is not modelled or similar? Stefan is a professional. His Job is to model the aircraft, Not the sound or performance. Here are many people involved as modelling, writing Code which you can already See in the 320 RE. And all the pilots with flight Data and handling Input und ground Personal such as ground Crew and maintenance personal. In what extent the door ist modelled is mainly in Stefans Hand. And i guess every future customer and every from the development Crew wants a perfect model besides a adequate flight model. You are after all Not forced to buy the Product if the APU sound is a reason to buy the craft. Yours and open for Diskussion Wackenopfer
  13. Inside the flight deck the APU is not audible with flight deck door and door 1 closed. But the APU cleaning howl is. Be aware that the APU in the -300 is roughly 75m behind and few meters above you
  14. Hi! the ACMS Reports are totally optionable. For example EW A332 prints a long as hell vibration report on landing. The ACMS Reports deliver a variety of reports in many kinds but are not very interesting. (and me as a technician says this...) They are only a total waste of printer paper. <----- ATTENTION: OPINION!
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