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Thirty seven plus wonderful years in flight simulation and I think it's safe to say I'm a flight simulation addict!


My pilot experience includes PA-28, various single engine Cessna aircraft, and stick time on the US Navy P-3C. I am retired from the U.S. Naval Submarine Force, flew in a Naval Flight Officer billet in P-3C (VP-44, CAC5) as a Navigator/Communication and Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) for just over 4 months – and that small amount of time is responsible for  instilling my deep love of aviation.

Everyone has a favorite thing in our hobby.  Mine is working with new flight simmers, and over the years the guys I fly with and I have taught a few hundred flight simmers how to fly/operate various aircraft and how to fly on realism based online networks such as VATSIM, IVAO and soon POSCON. For our classes we used fully interactive online virtual classrooms and Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck.


I've been flying Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck in high-end aircraft for thounsands of hours over more than 14 years. The aircraft included the Aerosoft Airbus, all eight variants of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional, Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Professional, the Leonardo Maddog MD-80 Professional, and the Boeing 717.


Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck provides the very highest level of immersion, realism, fun, and even excitement that anyone can experience in desktop flight simulation, particularly when flying on a realism based online network.  Fly shared cockpit during a VATSIM event and you will never want to fly an event any other way and you'll talk about the experience for years!  There is also no better way to introduce other flight simmers to high end flight sim aircraft and teaching them to to fly online, not only is Shared Cockpit the best way to do this, they will learn 4 to 10 times faster enjoy it far more than learning it alone!  If you're interested in flying Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck, please consider joining us in the Aerosoft Flight Simulation Community on our Discord Channel, here is the link:  https://discord.gg/c3jMvpt.


I was also the director of the former OVPA Technical Team who worked directly with various flight simulation developers to whom we provided Project Management, Research, Design Influence, Customer Technical Support, and professional testing (Alpha, Beta, RTM and update) designed to help bring quality products to customers faster.  Some of the developers we've worked with are Aerosoft, Majestic, Leonardo, TFDi Design, FSReborn, and many more.


My professional experience outside of flight simulation includes Technical Program Lead, Test Director, and Acceptance Officer for Naval Combat Systems. My education and training in the field of computer and electronics spans over 30 years and ranges from personal computers, servers, networks, large peripheral devices, and large mainframe computers.  I hold numerous professional certifications in related fields including Quality Assurance Engineering and direct experience with pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic systems with an strong emphasis on computer and peripheral hardware. All that and about $3 will get me a cup of coffee - which I would gladly share with any fellow flight simulation enthusiast.

I wish you happy flying! Please don't hesitate to come speak with me or join me or one of the other guys for a flight on the Aerosoft Discord Voice Server!


Best wishes!


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