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  1. It is automatically rebuilt the next time you start FSX. If that doesn't fix things, you'll need to cut and paste the "Standard" file located in the Controls folder, which is located in the same Roaming folder as the FSX.cfg file. Move the Standard file to your desktop, and don't delete it until you see it's been rebuilt when you start up FSX again.
  2. Yes sir. Aerosoft will consider adding other engine types in the future, but no promises.
  3. Not at release, but it is on the development road map.
  4. So let's talk about your comment and perception, because we do listen and the person who listens to customers even more than the rest of us is a 37 year veteran of the flight sim world and one of the best project managers in the business. I'm talking of course of Mathijs Kok. Even when we talk behind the scenes, Mathijs is the guy who is always working overtime to insert customer input into our work. He spends countless hours every single day listening to, taking input from, and otherwise communicating with every day flight simmers including those who are new to our forums. Nine years ago I had an opportunity to join another large and well know flight sim development team, and instead of joining that team I went to work to earn my way onto the Aerosoft team. I did this for just one reason - Mathijs Kok, and how much he truly cares about the flight sim community and the work Aerosoft does. I don't always agree with him, but I respect him more than anyone else in the flight sim world. I know many more people who feel the same way. Bottom line my friend, if that he does listen and he researches what people/customers tell him, and I often see him online 14 hours after he started work, and he does this 7 days week. Just because Mathijs, or any of the other staff may not agree with someone it does not mean that we don't carefully listen to and consider what someone shares with us. People just aren't able to see that part of our work, but I assure you it's intergal to Aerosoft operations. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many more times... Nobody cares more about their customers than Aerosoft, and Mathijs is the man who set and holds us to that standard. The man has earned all our respect time, after time, after time over the past 3 decades. My very best wishes.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Thank uou for the our CNN omment. You may have missed it, but we've discussed this already here in the forums. We modeled our Airbus off a specific aircraft, airlines sometimes have different lights from aircraft to aircraft in their fleet and for that reason if we had to do the graphics work for different liveries it would not be any more accurate than it is now and it would drive up the cost of a product we do everything to endure the best price possible to our customers. Best wishes my friend.
  7. Regarding technical aspects of the A330 Paintkit, please use thread below. I've already moved the related posts to the new thread. Thanks guys.
  8. This forum is to discuss the technical aspects of working with the A330 Paintkit. Please do not use this thread for repaint / livery requests.
  9. It seems that Eurowings (for which the A330 is operated by Brussels Airlines ) may have a -342 and -343. You info was for the -342? We modeled the -343. How does the reg numbers match up for the -343? I'd look harder at this right now, but I'm on my phone and on the move! Well, I believe "Final" means "Final", so that list is what it is for release. Then the many extremely talented repainters will go to work!
  10. 11 Hour flight to nowhere, and it's not the Nowhere from the movie either!
  11. Actually, not really. There was a few thousand feet difference between aircraft. It may look close because one of those aircraft is also an A330... so bigger makes it look closer than it actually is. The controllers managing the hold, in fact each of the event controllers did a terrific job during this event! That doesn't always happen.
  12. Yeah, asked a LOT, many posts here in the forum on that. We MIGHT add different engines at some point in the future, but no promises. I'm guessing, but I'd say that IF we do, it will be an update for the new MSFS sim, but again, that's a guess. Don't worry though, we'll have non-343 liveries modeled by repainters, and it's a little thing having the engine model and different engine display. It's all make believe anyway.
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