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  1. Please take a look at the system requirements for the Product in our store (link below). Note in particular that Video RAM requirement... which is the same for P3DV4. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not, it's your graphics card that is the weak link. I recommend going to a 1070 (minimum), 1080 or one of the latest cards so long as it has 8GB of VRAM. Best wishes! https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d-v4/aircraft/2437/a320-family-professional-bundle
  2. DaveCT2003

    Panel Lighting A3xx Professional

    The best place to start is with Monitor Calibration. I recommend a freeware tool called Calibrize. After you are sure that your monitor is correctly calibrated most darkness related issues will be resolved.
  3. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    and... if I may, it also helps Aerosoft to keep consumer products at a lower price than otherwise might not be possible.
  4. I agree. If you're not familiar with manually adding scenery to FSX then I would just use the built in Scenery Manager and point it to where the scenery is installed and you should be good to go. Best wishes!
  5. DaveCT2003

    UPDATA - strange Vapp and Vls

    Sorry, but we are no longer dealing with Version The forums are full of the reasons why my friend!
  6. DaveCT2003

    Flight phases in perf page MCDU

    I'm going to let one of the guys working on the IAE address this for you.
  7. DaveCT2003

    Flight phases in perf page MCDU

    Which version of the Airbus do you have installed? Also, which specific Aircraft and Engine type) are you reporting on?
  8. DaveCT2003

    Error FMGS.log

    Those waypoints are almost certainly runway (approach) waypoints as I don't show them on worldwide VFR, Jetway or Victor airways charts. I believe the errors indicate that the waypoints are also not in the NAVDATA being used. The correct points for NOR05 are 5.29714444 by -74.29844722 which I pulled up in the 1901 cycle of Navigraph data. Maybe you're current NAVDATA revision doesn't have that and the other waypoint? If not, you can always enter it manually into your NavData (not for beginners) or you can always enter a manual waypoint in the FMGS.
  9. DaveCT2003

    Mega EDDL Scenery default bleeding through.

    Did you search manually or did you use a tool to search, and if a tool then which one?
  10. DaveCT2003

    [Bug tracking] Managed Speed issues

    Thanks for the feedback! Believe me, the team feels the same way. What happened with was bad and completely caught us off guard as well. I think you guys will really like the update, which isn't far off.
  11. Thanks for the report guys. It's a mystery for sure as it was there before. Anyway, I'm running (testing) the latest update and it works fine. We're trying to improve some routines in the FMGS and as soon as we've achieved that then we'll get the next update out. Thanks again! Best wishes.
  12. DaveCT2003

    AIRBUS A318,19,20,21 ISSUES

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. DaveCT2003

    AIRBUS A318,19,20,21 ISSUES

    Lucien, We're very sorry to hear that you're having issues with the Steam Version of the 32-bit Airbus. Unfortunately, you'll have to go to Steam to get support for this product. We were the original developer of the 32-bit product, but Steam has their own in house version of the 32-Bit Airbus, thus they will have to provide support to you. If you have any other questions regarding why Steam has to be the ones to provide you support, please feel free to Private Message me. Best wishes!
  14. DaveCT2003

    Code FMC A320 Pro

    Thanks Herman! I wasn't aware of the change.
  15. DaveCT2003


    Please forgive me for writing in English, as I do not speak German but I wanted to get you some assistance. Would you please try a different web browser and see if you are then able to download from our servers? If this works, then you simply need to clear the cache of your primary web browser. I prefer using Firefox as a web browser. Best wishes!