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  1. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. If we haven't already said, Welcome to the Forums! Sorry to hear that you're having issues. We can certainly help, but first.... Terminology is everything in flight sim, and when I saw the term "Radar Screen" in the title of your post I was absolutely confused. It's actually called a Navigation Display (also referred to as "ND"). When you get some time, please take a look at the documentation as using the correct terminology when posting will help your posts to get answered faster and more accurately. Also, our forums are searchable, and if you had searched for P3Dv5 Navigation Display you would have found the solution to your issue immediately. Now, we don't mind you posting instead of searching, it's not a problem. I'm just thinkiing of you, and if I were you I'd love to have an answer right away instead of having to wait for it. Anyway, please see the post below, which will solve your issue for you. If you have more questions or problems about this issue please follow up in that thread. Best wishes my friend!
  3. Sorry to hear that, but given the type of issue this is I knew it wasn't resolved (though I do believe in miracles!). Since you're going to do a Windows install, and if you're using a non-SSD hard drive, please ensure that you do a low level format of your hard disk that you'll be installing windows to. It will save you heartache in the future. Best wishes my friend. Looking forward to your getting back online soon! Please come and update us?
  4. Sure thing! See 5 post above yours, or click the link below which will take you to the same post. Best wishes!
  5. Sure thing. It's just a few posts above this one in this thread, but you can also click the link below. Best wishes!
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Good news! Thanks for the update. Best wishes.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Here you go. Please follow up in the thread below if you have more questions or problems with this.
  10. Ah, P3Dv5. I'll have to let one of the other guys help you here. I'll let them know.
  11. Excellent work! When I have time, it's what I love to do (seriously)!!! I went crazy with the Dash 8 Q400 Turbo Prop spool times and thrust v speed stuff back in the day (and it's a 2-stage turbo prop with calculations and displayed data to match). Anyway... seems like another lifetime ago. Looking your data over, I agree with you that everything looks to be within expectations. Also, the way that the IAE engines work (compare the CFM/IAE engine displays in the aircraft sometime) make them seem more sluggish compared to the CFMs, though I'm sure you know that's not what is actually happening. Still I believe them modeled correctly. Speaking generally (and not about you), there is more than a tendency for flight simmers to expect faster aircraft / engine performance, and well, all sorts of other things, and developers often get worn out and worn down answering questions and having customers demand changes when their product experience didn't match their other flight sim experience and/or expectations. So, and don't shoot the messenger here, developers have learned to make things less realistic for this reason. We did not do this with our Airbus engine performance, we used the real life engine performance tables and for me I think they are very close to being correct, for a flight simulator that is. Love to have you come over the talk with me sometime. If you have time and would like to, feel free to catch me on our Discord Server where we have some great Connected Flight Deck/Shared Cockpit and group flights, not to mention some awesome conversations and even instructor lead classes! See HERE for more information. Best wishes! Dave
  12. Which simulator? Which version and type of Airbus (the version can be found in the ASUpdater). Example: P3D v4.5.14.34698? Example: A320 version Sounds to me like you have the aircraft overweight. Have you followed the instructions in the following thread? I also believe that only the TOW%MAC will change colors. I hope this has been helpful! Best wishes!
  13. This might indicate a problem with the installation and/or a folder permissions issue.
  14. This is a known problem which I have been able to duplicate a single time. It is likely due to an temporary errant weather injection. I have made about 120 flights since I experienced this issue and have been unable to duplicate it, but I did manage to capture it on video when it occurred and it's in our bug database. Typical Scenario During a climb, the speed drops to Alpha Floor, and without pilot intervention the A/THR compensates by reaching TOGA LK and as the aircraft approaches the set cruse altitude, with no way to bleed speed, the FMGS commands a high rate of climb (think Pitch Over Speed and the rest of the scenario then makes sense) and will bypass the commanded altitude. The aircraft will usually stabilize somewhere in the neighborhood of FL40-FL42 (depends on aircraft weight) where the engines can then operate at TOGA LOCK and not over speed. Other than an artificial weather injection (if that's truly what causes it, we're not entirely sure yet), the FMGS and A/THR are pretty much actually working as they should to prevent a departure and damage to the aircraft. PILOT ACTION: Same as in real world for when systems don't work as expected. Change to selected mode and command the aircraft. After a time (presumably after the aircraft is outside the errant weather station reporting area) the Managed Mode can be resumed. Those whom I've worked with confirmed that they rarely experience this and those who do usually don't see it a second time unless they are making the same flight and even then they don't always experience it. This is on our list for further investigation and if we can tie it to an errant weather station (very, very difficult to do) then we'll see what we can do to limit the effect of weather data exceeding certain limits for affecting the aircraft. Even though we have no confirmed this is errant weather data, those who had this problem did not experience it again using the following ActiveSky settings: What is your expectation for how long it should take to get a response from us (given an adequately titled post placed in the correct section of the forum)? 1. Our normal week response time is 24 to 48 hours, though people often have responses within an hour. Obviously weekends are not included in that. For issues our staff have not seen before we will often research the matter and/or try to duplicate it before responding. 2. Our average response time is roughly 4 hours. These times will not change. Best wishes.
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