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  1. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    I have to be away for about an hour, I'll check with you after I return.
  2. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    Can you take a screen shot of your NVIDIA Scaling Settings? Have you wiped your graphics drivers using DDU, and then re-download and reinstall the latest graphics drivers? Have your cleared (deleted) your P3Dv4 Shaders?
  3. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    So is the problem resolved for you my friend?
  4. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    That really looks to be a scaling issue, so forget about clicking on the Square Change (I was trying to show why this isn't the real solution but I don't think I explained that well enough, sorry about that!). Just change the the P3D resolution to match your monitor resolution and see if that resolves the problem. That's very kind of you to say, thank you! But that's what we're here for my friend, to get you up and flying! Sometimes there is only so much we can do, but we're not there yet with the issue you're having. Hopefully changing the resolution in P3D will solve this for you.
  5. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    Ah, that's an easy one. From what I'm seeing, all you need to do is click the square shown in the graphic below, however this may well force more scaling to take place unless you first go into the P3D Options, Graphics Settings, and change your resolution to match the resolution of your monitor. If you need to know what the monitor resolution is, you can open the NVIDIA control panel (if you have an NVIDIA card), go to the Display section and Change Resoltion sub-section and check to see what the native resolution is (see second graphic below for these settings). Then set that same resolution in P3D Options for Display/Graphics/Full Screen Settings. Now your P3D display should fill your entire monitor. Hopefully this will help resolve the issue for you!
  6. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    Also, I just Googled "P3dv4 CTD when using menu" and came up with a very good thread about this over at AVSIM. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/530304-p3dv41-crashes-opening-options-menu/
  7. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    Just like back with FSX, P3D can be fickle with some resolutions/window sizes, and you change all this whenever you run a window that isn't the same size as your monitor (it's a type of scaling). What I'd like for you to try is making your P3D windw the same size as your monitor and see if you still get the same CTD when you click on the title bar. Why would this only affect P3D with the Airbus loaded? Well, I don't know exactly for certain, but it likely has to do with the texture sizes (2K textures) with the Airbus and the scaling that occurs when you use a smaller window size than your monitor. One thing you can try is to wipe your graphics driver using DDU, then install the latest graphic driver for your card. You should do this even if you're running the latest graphics driver. Then remember to reboot and then clear your P3D Shaders. Finally (and this may make all the difference), if you're running an NVIDIA card you might want to try changing your scaling settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel (see graphic below). If the above doesn't resolve this for you, then I'm remember way back in FSX there was a similar problem for a few users when using the FSX main menu and the cause was the Library (dll) files for Windows 7 and the SIm were a bit messed up resulting in a CTD. I'd say that if you have to run your sim in such a small window, then maybe migrating to Windows 10 may solve this for you.
  8. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft A320 Title Bar Crash

    The video doesn't seem to be working. Can you describe what you were doing when the crash occurred? Which Airbus version shows up in the ASUpdater? Do you have EZDoc installed? If so, I would try updating that. If you use Chaseplane or EZDoc, be sure to disable the Airbus View System in MCDU#3.
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Happy to hear! Best wishes for happy flights!
  11. DaveCT2003

    EETN building disappearing

    Now that is very interesting. The only time I've seen this occur is with Flightbeam or FlyTampa if the activation wasn't done or didn't go well. I have never seen this with an Aerosoft Scenery.
  12. DaveCT2003

    Downvotes, yea or nay

    There have been some excellent posts in this thread, but Alan, that's the best one yet! Many thanks, and my very best wishes!
  13. DaveCT2003

    Downvotes, yea or nay

    A perfect example of misuse of the voting system. It was never supposed to be about the person, but the the post itself.
  14. DaveCT2003

    Downvotes, yea or nay

    Well, the Boss already knows how I feel on this subject. Since I've written extensively about this privately, I'll just summarize and say that downvotes are viewed by everyone, including me, at least as being personally condemned for a statement, opinion or position - and even for just explaining to someone how something works. As a moderator here and formally at AVSIM it's been my experience that nothing good whatsoever comes from downvotes. Upvotes are just the opposite. If someone doesn't care for a post, they read it and move on. But if the post is good enough to generate UPVOTES then that is saying something, and saying something that people (staff and/or users) should pay attention to, and the more upvotes the more attention to pay to the post and associated issue. AVSIM and several other forums in our community have either removed voting, or have only allowed UPVOTES. AVSIM voting system was (in the opinion of a LOT of new and very seasoned flight simmers) causing a LOT of problems and users started abandoning the site, and when they changed to only UPVOTES we saw a major change in the overall atmosphere there. The Boss knows I feel VERY strongly about this, and I've been privately lobbying behind the scenes for at least 3 years (likely 5) for this change. BUT (really big BUT).... I'm not always correct about things like this, and a few of my fellow moderators here at Aerosoft (for whom I have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for as they are the very best in this business) have provided some very good reasons why we should keep the present voting system. I believe giving our customer base the opportunity to weigh in on this subject is genius. After all, it's you guys who are important, and important to us!
  15. DaveCT2003

    A line on the display

    Hey, if you're up and running fine then I wouldn't mess with it either! Foot rests. If you go onto the flight deck of say a 737 you'll see the paint/carpet (it changes during overhauls/updates) is basically worn away from the flight crew taking their feet off the rudder pedals and putting them up. Airbus got smart about this, and provided foot rests. The automatiion you're seeing simulates the pilots putting them down. Best wishes.