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  1. Hi Dave , thank you for youe replay , just to say that i have been trying every suggestion found on the forum regarding the mcdu not working buttons , even clicking on the top grey buttons at the top of the mcdu , but nothing still working , i get very frustated , i hope you can help me on solving this issue . Thanks Giuseppe

    1. DaveCT2003


      I am very sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing, and I know first hand how frustrating that is.


      What I can tell you (and this is good news) is that the problem you're experiencing is not with our software, which means that we should be able to assist you with correcting the issue on your side.


      What I suggest is putting in a Support Ticket so that one of our in house techs can take a look at this with you. It often takes a few days for them to get to a new support ticket, but if you haven't heard back in 3 days then please let me know.  In fact, please let me know when the issue is resolved for you, and if you don't mind please keep me in the loop overall via Private Message?  If our in house tech can't help you resolve this, then I will try and squeeze in some time to jump in.


      You can put in a support ticket at the link below.  Please provide a link to your original post about this issue, as well as your system specs and which version of the Airbus you're using - this will speed things up!






    2. Franco 57

      Franco 57

      Thanks Dave , thank very much for your help . I will keep you inform . Giuseppe

    3. DaveCT2003


      Sorry to hear that you're still having issues.  Did you put in a support ticket?


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